Master of Science in Organizational Management

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The Master of Science in Organizational Management (MSOM), 36 credit hours, is designed to enable individuals to acquire training as change agents to facilitate growth in their organizations and communities. Offering foundational courses in organizational management, Peru State College’s curriculum teaches management as an integrated discipline. This MSOM degree offers three focus areas:

  • Entrepreneurial and Economic Development to enhance your understanding of the organizational dynamics that drive creative businesses, organizations and communities;
  • Healthcare Administration to prepare future administrators with foundational principles of Healthcare and Business; and
  • Strategic Leadership and Communication to expand individuals' knowledge in leadership, communication, mentorship, and team design as they promote within their career.

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Program Requirements:

STEP ONE - Complete the Application for Admission (FREE)
STEP TWO - Request your official college transcripts (not required if you completed your bachelor's degree from Chadron State or Wayne State)
STEP THREE - Provide:
two recommendation forms (preferably from a supervisor and coworker);
a current Resume
We promise a speedy response to your application, averaging about 24 hours to process. From there, we'll work together to enroll and get you moving toward your graduation goal ahead.

Fall even year:
MGMT 550 Organizational Development and Change (3)
MGMT 551 Program Evaluation (3)

Spring odd year:
MGMT 552 Management of Innovation and Growth (3)
MGMT 553 Conflict Management and Mediation (3)

Summer odd year:
MGMT 601 Study Design and Data Analysis

Summer even year:
MGMT 602 Statistical Methods and Data Analysis

The Master of Science in Organizational Management is designed to enable individuals to acquire training as change agents to facilitate growth in their organizations and communities. The focus area in Entrepreneurial and Economic Development directly supports business growth and economic development. The course structure allows students to explore their own business and community enhancement projects.
Fall odd year:
MGMT 660 Theories of Entrepreneurship (3) 
MGMT 661 New Venture Planning and Finance (3) 

Spring even year:
MGMT 662 E-Commerce and Internet Communication (3) 
MGMT 663 Economic Development (3)

The addition of the focus in Healthcare Administration provides graduate education for students seeking a career, or advancement in a healthcare organization. Peru State College's Healthcare Administration focus is unique in its emphasis on the development of the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in various areas of the healthcare industry. The program is also designed to include courses that add to the tool kit of a healthcare administrator, such as understanding the complex and dynamic healthcare delivery systems, application of policies and laws in the workplace, financial and economic considerations, and the important aspects of informatics and use of data.
Fall odd year:
MGMT 630 Healthcare Delivery Systems (3) 
MGMT 641 Healthcare Economics and Finance (3) 

Spring even year:
MGMT 642 Healthcare Information Systems (3) 
MGMT 623 Healthcare Law, Policy and Compliance (3)

The Master of Science in Organizational Management is designed to enable individuals to acquire training as change agents to facilitate growth in their organizations and communities.  The focus area in Strategic Leadership and Communication supports the development of theoretical and practical  problem-solving, culture building, analytical, and mentorship skills necessary for successful strategic leadership and communication within organizations. The course structure allows students to explore their own business and community enhancement projects.
Fall odd year:
MGMT 693 Team Design and Performance (3) 
MGMT 665 Leadership Theory and Practice (3) 

Spring even year:
MGMT 634 Strategic Communication in Leadership (3) 
MGMT 631 Executive Coaching and Mentoring (3)

Students complete six hours of Thesis, Action Research Project, and/or Internship credit in advanced topic areas. The final paper should relate to the student's area of concentration and constitute the culminating experience in the Master of Science degree program. Two primary goals for graduate programs at Peru State College are flexibility and relevance. Students may propose to write detailed case studies, develop unique courses or programs for other institutions or the community, research and write substantial grant proposals, etc.

Graduate credit earned from another accredited graduate institution may be applied toward the Master of Science degree provided:
(1) the hours are of a grade of "B" or above;
(2) the credits would have counted toward a graduate degree program at the institution where earned;
(3) courses must have been completed within the last seven years from the date of the first class with Peru State; and
(4) the credits have been approved by the appropriate Academic Dean.

Master of Science in Organizational Management Program
A maximum of nine (9) hours that have been applied toward an earned graduate degree can be applied toward the core courses in the MSOM degree, subject to evaluation and approval by the Academic Dean. A maximum of nine (9) graduate credits (fifteen [15] from the Nebraska University System or eighteen [18] from a Nebraska State College), subject to evaluation by the Academic Dean may be transferred from another regionally accredited graduate institution and applied toward a degree.  

Credits taken at Peru State College prior to admission to the graduate program must fall within the seven-year time frame allowed for program completion; however, exceptions may be allowed according to the Nebraska State College System Board policy. Transfer credits are applied toward elective credits only within the program. A maximum of nine (9) transfer credit hours may be applied toward the degree requirements.

Students must request permission from their Academic Dean for approval of transfer credits to be applied to a program of study by submitting the Transfer Request Form located on the Graduate Programs website, Current Students page and by requesting that an official transcript from the institution where credit was received be sent to the Graduate Programs Office.

The Academic Dean retains the right to request a student to provide course descriptions/syllabi for the courses being considered for transfer. We recommend all transfer credit requests be submitted during the initial admission phase and prior to the beginning of the program of study.

Graduate Double-Major
Upon admission to Peru State College a student will apply for only one (1) graduate degree. An additional focus area may be completed within the time frame of the desired degree. All prescribed requirements for the degree must be successfully completed. Second Master's Degree
A student holding a master's degree may seek a second master's degree in another degree area.

A second master's requires:

Admissions application
Submission of official transcript
Second Master's Degree approval form No more than eighteen (18) course credits of approved coursework from the previous degree may be applied toward a second master's degree.  A grade of B or higher must be earned and be no older than seven years by completion of a second degree at Peru State.  Individuals will follow the academic requirements of the College Catalog in effect at the time of their readmission to pursue an additional degree.

All requirements for the Master of Science degree must be completed within a period of seven years from the date the student registers for the first graduate course applicable toward his/her degree.

Note: Sitting out a term or semester will delay a student’s program completion by 18 months.