Certificate of Advanced Studies

Please note: Certificates of Advanced Studies are available to graduate-level students only.

Organizational Development

Courses cover advanced topics related to organizational change including interventions based on diagnosis of organizational issues, effective evaluation processes while developing a detailed evaluation plan and maximizing employee contributions to organizational success. There is an emphasis on training and skill development, career development, and organizational change and development. The following courses are required to earn this certificate.

MGMT 550 – Organizational Development and Change (3 credit hours)

Organizational development is considered as a multi-step process that may involve a wide variety of interventions. Interventions from those involving basic human processes to those requiring planning at the strategic level are considered in this course, with a particular emphasis on selecting appropriate interventions based on thoughtful diagnosis of organizational issues.
Course is offered very Fall Term I (even years) session.

MGMT 551 – Program Evaluation (3 credit hours)

The purposes, procedures, and techniques of effective evaluation processes are considered, with an emphasis on informing those involved in organization change efforts. Students have the opportunity to prepare a detailed evaluation plan.
Course is offered every Fall Term II (even years) session.

MGMT 581 – Human Resources Development (3 credit hours)

Human Resources Development (HRD) focuses on maximizing employees’ contribution to individual and aspects of organizational success. HRD encompasses training and skill development, career development, and organizational development and change. This course will emphasize the development and functioning of employees as adult learners in productive work environments.
Course is offered every Summer session.