Peru State College Foundation Scholarships

Each year the Peru State College Foundation offers over different 175 scholarships to students funded through the private support of alumni and friends. In 2022-23 their generosity has allowed the Foundation to offer over $800,000 to the College to assist students. 

A listing of all Foundation scholarships as well as a description of the students who are eligible for each can be found in the table below. There are many scholarships created to help certain kinds of students, such as those from a particular geographic region or those who choose a specific major. We encourage you to browse through the list to find a scholarship that matches your philanthropic interests. For information on how to establish a scholarship, please contact the Foundation at or by calling 402-872-2304.

Please note that the Peru State College Admissions and Financial Aid offices oversees the awarding process for all scholarships and other forms of student aid; the Foundation does not choose award recipients. Unless a different application process is noted below in the Requirements, current students fill out the annual scholarship application to apply for all non-athletic foundation scholarships. This form may be found in your myPSC account, click the Financial Aid tab, and access it from the left hand side bar menu. For more information, please contact the Financial Aid Office or call 402-872-2228. For information on applying for Athletic Foundation scholarships, please contact your sport's coach.

Scholarship Name Requirements Year in School Major Geographic Area
Hilterman, Arnold & Bertha  Deserving Student      
Clayburn, A.B. Emphasis on character Senior Social Science  
Larson,  A.V. & Wilhelminia    Junior/Senior Education  
Acorn Scholarship 2.5 GPA; work through college Sophomore/Junior/Senior   Nebraska, then Kansas, Missouri or Iowa
Crooker, Ada     Business Auburn, Nebraska
Blank, Agnes Margaret  Assistance to those of limited income      
Wheeler, Al 

Student-athlete enrolled full time

28 Scholarships -

Football - 4

All other sports - 2 each



Edmondson, William Brockway  Need based      
Grass, Amzie V.    Junior/Senior

Education, Science, or Humanities majors

Buman, Ann  Full Time Students with financial need     Pawnee County resident (last 5 years)
Majors, Art      Natural Science  
Auburn State Bank Scholarship

Incoming Football player



Auburn or Johnson-Brock High School

Brown, Bob & Bettye Palmer  3.0 GPA   Education  
Tynon, Bill & Jeanne  Participating in Inter-collegiate Sports Junior/Senior   Nebraska Resident
Weigand, Bereniece McHirron      Education  
Bath Family Deserving Student      
Patterson, Bea Arts In good standing with regards to GPA. Junior/Senior

Fine Art

Art Education

Resident of Cass, Otoe, Nemaha, Richardson, Pawnee or Johnson counties in Nebraska; or Nemaha, Brown, Doniphan or Atchison counties in Kansas

Spohn, Beatrice Renewable is 2.5 college GPA is maintained; Financial need Freshman   First preference is to Weeping Water or Sutton area
Harrison, Benjamin  Worthy Student      
Shackelford, Bernice Deserving Student      
Shackelford, Bernice M. Does Drove #10 High school GPA of 3.5 or above; Renewable Freshman   Preference to Beatrice, Diller-Odell, Tri County or Southern High School graduates (Gage County)
Miller, Berniece Non-Athletic or Non-Military Science Major; Renewable      
Moore, Bill & Helen       Auburn, NE High School graduate
Blue Devil/White Angel Scholarship Male/Female Athlete      
Buethe Family Scholarship in Education Senior in his/her final semester seeking a teaching degree at Peru State. Must be first in immediate family to obtain college degree Senior Education  
Business Contest Scholarship Winner of Business Contest, must show certificate      
Choyce, C.C.  Full Time Student      
Andrews, C.E.  Financial Need      
Dougherty, Carol  Good grade point average/financial need   Elementary Education or Physical Education  
Henning, Charles & Jane     Freshman Education Graduate of Auburn High School, Auburn NE
Masopust, Charles Deserving Student      
Weigand, Charles  A promising Senior Senior    
Haddad, Chris  Female, High School GPA of 3.0 or higher. Freshman Business Prefer NE resident from Seward or Gage county
Hayes, Christopher Memorial ACT score of at least 16 Freshman Criminal Justice Graduated High School in Nemaha County (1st choice), Nebraska (2nd choice), Any Location (3rd choice)
Hayes, Christopher Memorial Scholarship for Returning Students Full Time Student, 2.5 GPA or higher, fill out application-essay Sophomore/Junior/Senior Criminal Justice major or minor  
Evans, Clayton & Beulah Solid student with good character, Renewable Freshman    
Davidson Estate Financial need, character, 3.0 GPA or higher, Renewable   Physical Education  
Graves, Dorothy Perkins  Preference to recipient who is active in Peru State musical activities.   Elementary Education Resident of Southwest Iowa or Southeast Nebraska
Jarvis, Dee & Kathleen  Financial need,  must be involved in activities related to Education Dept, renewable with average or above GPA, preference to students maintaining acceptable morals and good health.   Education  
Lukas, Dianne Morrison  Renewable   Elementary Education Nebraska resident
Curtis, Dennis High School GPA of 3.3 or above and involved in one or more extracurricular high school activities Freshman   Elkhorn High School
Crabtree, Dr. E.  Full Time Student, Renewable      
Wear, Dr. John & Daisy Clark     



Hanson, Dr. Jerrold Education Deserving   Education  
Pappas, Dr. Larry  High School GPA of 3.2 or Higher Freshman Biology  
Maxwell, Dr. Paul A.      Education  
Longley, Dr. William    Sophomore/Junior/Senior Science  
Dougherty Sisters  Financial need, Renewable     Southeast Nebraska
Franklin, Esther Cole Need, good character, good student, Renewable     Within 300 mile radius of Peru, NE
Dougherty, Elizabeth Financial Need, Must be admitted to teacher education  Junior/Senior Education Resident of Southeast Nebraska
Pratt, Elaine Gerdes Non-Traditional Student     Resident of Nemaha County, Nebraska
Newton, Evelyn Booth 3.0 GPA or higher Sophomore/Junior/Senior English Education  
Beck, Earl C. & Mae Miller  Athletic ability, Renewable   English  
Fisher, Elsie     Art Education  
Brownell, Esther D. Preference to student with an interest in campus dramatic activities      
Van Zant, Evan Academic Excellence   Education  
Meier, F.W. Family Financial Need      
Vrtiska, Floyd & Doris Wagner   Sophomore or above Education Nemaha or Pawnee County NE residents 
Brown, George & Iva Seid  Full Time Student, GPA of 3.0 or higher     Nebraska resident
Wilson, Gil & Mary Ruth  Any student with 3.0 GPA or higher that has shown leadership in community and/or church activities      
Rath, George & Rosine  Need-based Freshman

English, Language Arts, History, or Pre-Med

Frary, Glenn & Verda Good academic standing Sophomore/Junior Education  
Steck, G. Holt "Pop"    Junior/Senior Vocal Music  
Klasek, Georgia Education Good academic standing Junion/Senior Education  
Schottenhamel, George  & Lillian    

History or Social Science first preference; Fine Arts second preference

Brady, Gerry & Albert Athletic Ability Junior

Biology or Natural Science

Jenkins, Glen D.         Preferably a graduate from Humboldt-Table Rock-Steinauer High School or Richardson County resident
Johnson, Harold & Alice   Freshman Education Graduate from Otoe, Nemaha, Richardson, Pawnee, or Johnson Counties
Park, Dale & Evelyn   Junior/Senior Elementary Education  
Hanika, Helen Parker In the top 25% of graduating HS class. Renewable for students who maintain passing grades Freshman   Graduate from Richardson County school
Hagood, Lindell & Mary Gibson  Full Time Student with financial need Freshman/Sophomore Instrumental Music  
Hutchinson, Harry & Mary Campus leadership, Financial Need, Renewable Sophomore/Junior Teacher education  
Whitney, Harry Offensive or Defensive lineman.  Supported in part by Booster Club     Resident of Iowa or Nebraska
Fuller, Emma Hart Full Time Non-Traditional student out of high school 10 years      
Schacht, Helen   Freshman   Graduate of Johnson County Central High School
Eichler, Hendricks Lura Aptitude, ability  and interest in Kindergarten Education  

Early Education

Elementary Education

History Day Scholarship Winner of History Day, must show certificate      
Masopust, Hollis  Outstanding Student in math and science classes Sophomore/Junior    
Warren, Inez M.  Deserving Student, Renewable Freshman   Preference to a graduate of Syracuse, Neb. High School
International Student Scholarship Foreign Student, Renewable      
Hallstrom, Jack & Nancy Deserving Peru State Athlete      
Masopust, John & Francis Deserving Student      
Wolken, Jack & Eula Deserving Student      
McIntire, Jack, Luella, & John   Varsity Athlete      
Green, James G & Mavis Maintain a 2.0 GPA. Learn more about both scholarships and how to apply by clicking here. Sophomore/Junior/Senior Business Graduate of Auburn or Johnson-Brock (1st choice), Southeast Nebraska graduate (2nd choice), surrounding area (3rd choice)
Stemper, Jerome & Elsie       Graduate of Auburn High School
Davis, Jo Full Time Student   Music  
Masopust, Joe Contributed to Peru State College in non-scholastic activities other than sports Sophomore/Junior    
Lundak, Joel  Prefer student shows level of campus service and involvement Junior/Senior    
Christ, John     Biology  
Hahn, John Demonstrated loyalty & commitment to Peru State through campus involvement, activities, programs or actions of their own; Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher Sophomore/Junior/Senior

Preference to History, English, or Education majors

Morgan, Joy Elmer Good academic standing   Education  
Haystrand, Justin Member of the Peru State Football team; financial need

Freshman/Sophomore/ Junior/Senior

Good, Ken  College GPA of 3.0 or better Sophomore/Junior/Senior   Graduate of Nebraska high school
Sims, Ken Renewable  


Graphic Design

Kenyon Koffee Klutch   Senior Social Science Education  
Keys Family Fund Based on scholastic ability and financial need   Education Graduate of Nebraska City High School
Louis, Angela & Richard Pascal      Education  
Sherwood, Leland & Karlene Art     Art  
Pankonin, Lester & Maxine US Citizen with GPA of 3.0 or Higher      
Redfern, Leroy & Nancy Renewable  


Social Science

Firoved, Loure Salzman      Business  
Mathews, L.B. & Ruth No restrictions      
Landolt, Paul & Lillian Renewable  

Business Education


Anderson, Laurine  Financial Need   Biology  
Frank, Leanna   Senior Elementary Education  
Huff, Lena Scholastic excellence, Renewable   Preference to Business Administration  
Weis, Lisa  Volleyball player who has not been Recruited Freshman    
Glaze, Lovisa A.    Sophomore/Junior/Senior

Education majors with preference to Elementary education majors

McKercher, Lyle   Junior/Senior Mathematics  
Mainstreet Bank Art Art Day Submission      
Mathews, Mark Financial Need      
Williams, Captain Mark Varsity baseball player, good academic standing, Renewable Junior Criminal Justice or Psychology Preference to Nebraska high school graduate
Meister, Mary Financial Need      
Allgood, Martin   Junior/Senior Criminal Justice Resident of Nebraska
Miller, Mason & Irene  2.5 HS GPA Freshman   Graduate of Pawnee County High School
Propst, Max & June   Sophomore/Junior/Senior   Preference to student from Seward, York, or Gage NE counties
NAA Board of Directors Involved in campus activities Junior or Senior    
Stevenson, Oliver Academic Excellence      
Vacek, Maude Phelps     Education Preference to Resident of Pawnee City or Pawnee County
Bauer, Merle   Basketball player      Preference to Resident of North Platte, Bertrand, Holdrege or Tecumseh.
Mulvaney, Mike Memorial Football Scholarship Full Time Student;  Continuous maintenance of a 2.0 or higher overall;  Preference to football player.      Preference to graduate from Gage County High School, Southeast Nebraska High School or current Peru State Athlete.
Palmer, Nona  Renewable   Business  
Fensler, Norma Jeanne  Financial need, Renewable Freshman    
Omaha World Herald ACT of 25 or above/upper 25% of  graduating class and recommended by school administrator/renewable if grades are maintained      
Wilcox, Paul & Margaret Deserving Student      
Davidson, Phyllis Memorial   Freshman   Two - 1 From a surrounding state; 1 whose Parents who are farmers
Fell, Paul & Arlene  3.0 GPA prior term/active on campus group or club/Athlete impact Varsity sport Junior/Senior    
Kenton, Pearl     Language Arts  
Butler, Pearl Morgan  Worthy Student      
Davidson, Phyllis Memorial 3.0 GPA, Financial Need, Character, Volleyball Player   Physical Education  
Staff Senate Degree seeking full time students who apply and are selected by the staff senate subcomittee      
Chatelain, Ralph & Maxine Need Based; GPA of 3.0 or above; Renewable Junior/Senior Education Resident of Nemaha County
Russell, Rita Teacher Education Renewable with 3.0 GPA.   Education  
Ritchie, A.B.  Basketball Player; Renewable      
Bohlken, Dr. Robert & Mary  Live on campus   Language Arts or Special Education Resident of Richardson or Otoe County
Adams, Ross & Maryon Financial Need. Preference for students returning to school to complete a degree. Renewable.     Resident of Nemaha County
Russell, Ross Renewable with 3.0 GPA.   Education  
Chamberlain, Roy Full Time Student; good grades; good character; financial need      
Russell Family Full Time Student;  Financial need Undergraduate or Graduate    
Lienemann, Ruth Meister & Don ACT of 25 or higher or top 20% of HS graduating class, Renewable  

Business, Music, Math, Science, or Education

Russell, Ruth Students in the upper 1/3 of their class Freshman

Art/Humanities (odd years)

Science (even years)

Clements, Sanford & Hattie Band Scholarship Full Time Student who will participate in band program   Music  
Sapp Family Scholarship Financial need; Renewable if living on campus



Finley, Sarah Squire Deserving Student, Renewable Freshman  Teacher education  
Vrtiska, Senator Floyd & Doris Wagner Nebraska Unicameral Internship Selected to serve as the unicameral intern. Interns are selected by application through the Social Sciences Department      
Brown, Sid Football Scholarship Football player with a consistent 2.5 GPA. Awarded by football coach. Sophomore/Junior/Senior   Reside within 350 miles of Peru, NE or be a Nebraska resident
Dean, Thomas & Marjorie Kennedy  Need based; maintain a 3.0 GPA Junior/Senior Education Preference to Richardson County resident
Pierce, Virginia Milstead Deserving Student      
Sabatinelli, Vincent Deserving Athlete      
V-5 / V-12 Naval Scholarship Need based.  Renewable with 3.0 GPA. Freshman   Resident of Nebraska or adjacent state
Jindra, Victor S     Music Preference for major in stringed instrument
Chambers, Vincent  Member of Men's Basketball Team      
Harrison, Walter & Louise Full Time Student, Renewable with maintenance of 3.0 GPA     Resident of southwest Iowa (Mills, Fremont, or Page counties)
Armstrong, William L. Scholarship GPA of 3.0 or Higher,  Renewable with maintenance of 3.0 GPA     Rural southeast Nebraska resident (Otoe, Nemaha, Richardson, Pawnee, or Johnson County - includes city limits)
Reed, Wayne & Adele    Junior/Senior Education Preference to resident of Southeast Nebraska
Pate, W. R.  Academic Achievement      
Willey Trust Scholarship 3.0 GPA and a child of farm or ranch families or their employees Sophomore/Junior/Senior   Resident of Nebraska
Wortman, William Deserving Student with financial need