Project ROAR

Project ROAR is based on the idea that supporting students’ physical and mental health and well-being is vitally important. We know that getting students moving—getting them off their phones and out from behind their computer screens—is essential for their growth, their self-esteem, their ability to form healthy relationships, and their ability to learn.

Here at Peru State College, we have excellent athletic and recreational facilities, but they are overtaxed. Our varsity and junior-varsity teams book the gym, the weight room, and our other athletic spaces from dawn until late at night, leaving little time for others to exercise, play, and compete. Project ROAR will address that concern in a big way.

Project ROAR will more than double the amount of indoor recreational and athletic space on campus. It will support our current teams well, open opportunities for new teams, and make room for intramurals, pick-up games, and recreational activities that will engage all our students and provide facilities the larger community can use as well.

Please take a look at what Project ROAR will mean for Peru State College and our students. And I hope you’ll think about the role you would like to play in creating these opportunities on campus. You can have a profound impact Peru State College and the wellness of our students for many years to come.

Baseball/softball entrance

Exterior view of the Baseball/Softball entrance

Baseball/Softball interior view.

Interior view of the Baseball/Softball area

Interior view of multipurpose area.

Interior view of the multipurpose area

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