Consortium Agreement

What is a Consortium Agreement?

A consortium agreement is a written agreement between two schools. This agreement allows a student to be co-enrolled at Peru State and another institution and receive Federal financial aid based on the combined enrollment at both institutions.

The home institution (Peru State College) is the institution from which the student is seeking a degree. Typically, the student receives financial aid from the degree-granting institution (the home institution). Students must be enrolled in at least 6 credits at Peru State in order to utilize a consortium agreement.

The host institution is the institution where the student will be visiting and taking classes to transfer back to the home institution.

The courses taken at the host institution must be applicable toward the student’s degree at Peru State College.

Consortium Agreement courses will be counted towards the term in which they start.

What are the steps in completing a Consortium Agreement?

Step 1:

Complete Section A of the Peru State College Consortium Agreement .

Consortium Agreement Fall 2023
Consortium Agreement Spring 2024

Step 2:

Take the Consortium Agreement to the Academic Division Dean in your field of study to complete Section B. The Academic Division Dean will forward the Consortium Agreement to the Registrar at Peru State College.

Step 3:

The Registrar at Peru State College will forward the Consortium Agreement to the host institution’s Financial Aid Office. When they have completed their section, they will return the Consortium Agreement to Peru State’s Financial Aid Office.

Step 4:

The College's Financial Aid Office will complete Section D of the Consortium Agreement and process your financial aid accordingly.

Step 5:  When you have completed your courses at the host institution, it is your responsibility to submit a copy of your final grade to the Peru State College Financial Aid Office. Grades at both the home and host institution will be reviewed to determine if you are in compliance with the Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements at Peru State. Future aid will be on hold until all grades have been submitted and your status can be determined.