Snow Removal Plan and Procedures

The following procedures ensure that snow and ice are removed from campus roadways, sidewalks and parking lots in a prioritized, timely manner during normal work hours. Facility Services removes snow when it reaches an approximate depth of one-half inch on sidewalks, and one-inch in parking lots. Icy conditions are treated as necessary. These procedures are consistently applied to ensure that snow is cleared sufficiently to present safe conditions for the day’s activities on any day that Peru State College is open.


Facility Services goal for snow removal is to meet the transportation and mobility needs of the campus community, while working with available resources to maximize safety, and ensure daily college operations continue to function successfully.  Keeping this goal in mind, priorities have been set to make snow removal as efficient and effective as possible.

1. Emergency vehicle access (roads on campus, starting with residence halls).

2. Faculty/Staff/Commuter parking lots (Essential staff parking lot areas are cleared first.)

3. Academic building access (includes handicapped access, curb cuts, ramps and steps)

4. Sidewalks from residence halls and commuter lots to primary buildings on Quad

5. Remaining Campus sidewalks

6. Residence Hall parking lots are cleared in cooperation with Residence Life staff/scheduling


Peru State College Facility Services staff works diligently to clear parking lots whenever there is snowfall.  When the college has a late start, the Facility team has time to clear parking lots and sidewalks in an efficient and safe manner. When you arrive on campus we request that you park your vehicle in a FULLY cleared parking lot and avoid parking where the team has yet to clear snow.  It is unsafe for you to park where equipment is working, and it is very difficult and dangerous to maneuver around parked vehicles.

Your consideration will allow the Facilities team to make the parking lots and sidewalks safe for students, faculty and staff.