Mail Services


New Student Mail Procedure

Only students who live ON CAMPUS are eligible to have their mail and packages sent to the mail room, located in the Facility Services office. All students who live off campus must have their items sent to their residence or to their Post Office box. The Peru Post Office is located downtown and boxes are available for rent.

All student mail and packages are delivered to the Facility Services mail room daily, Monday through Friday. No mail or packages are delivered over the weekend or on holidays, and students have from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, to pick up their items. No staff is available to hand out packages/mail on weekends, after hours or holidays. When student mail/packages arrive the items are entered into a tracking system, which then notifies the recipient via school email that their items are ready for pickup. Photo ID is required for package pick-up; you may not pick up other student’s packages.

Please use the following formats for mail/package delivery:

Letters/postcards                            Packages
Your Full Legal Name                       Your Full Legal Name
P.O. Box 10                                          600 Hoyt Street
Peru State College                             Peru State College
Peru, NE 68421-0010                       Peru, NE 68421

PLEASE make sure to have your name on all incoming packages/mail. We are unable to notify you if there isn’t a name on the package/mail. Remind friends and family to use full names (no nicknames) when sending items.

**All mail/packages not picked up within 7 days of delivery will be returned to sender.

When moving off campus or leaving for the summer it is your responsibility to forward your mail to your new address. This includes magazines. All mail received after moving will be returned to sender.

Stamps are available for purchase in the mail room. Outgoing mail may be taken to the mail room or to the Post Office located in downtown Peru.

Effective 10/17/19