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Facility Services Office Hours
8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Custodial Hours
6 a.m. – 3 p.m.
General Shop Hours
7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
(Electrical, Carpentry, Paint, HVAC, Grounds, Motor Pool)

About Us

The office of Facility Services includes the following departments: Custodial, Grounds, Maintenance and Mail Room. These departments are responsible for all facilities and the environment including new construction and renovation on campus, maintenance and repair of facilities, daily cleaning of all campus buildings, maintenance of the College's landscaped areas and athletic fields, care and allocation of the school’s vehicles and daily distribution of the student and campus mail.

The mission of Facility Services is to accommodate the diverse needs of students, staff and guests by providing quality and timely services to ensure a healthy, safe and engaging environment.
  • To provide exceptional customer service by being attentive, efficient and accommodating.
  • To create a system of preventative, corrective and restorative services to ensure quality environments.
  • To engage in environmental stewardship by converting to more sustainable systems and practices.
  • To effectively communicate guidelines, projects and programs to students, staff and guests.

Campus Project News

The following are some of the recent projects taking place around campus. Please click on the Projects link to the left to see past projects.

This fall returning students, faculty and staff might notice a change in the basement of the Hoyt Science building. The walls are now March Wind grey, and the old damaged flooring replaced with beautiful new tile.

Keystone Carpet and Tile spent three days removing the old tile. They then buffed the old glue off of the concrete and laid the new tile -- paying particular attention to creating a fun pattern.

The result? A MUCH improved lower level entry into the building.

June of 2019 brought a powerful storm to Peru. Golf ball sized hail pummeled the campus causing damage to the fleet vehicles and building rooftops. This spring Peru State College has partnered with McKinnis Roofing to repair/replace all of the damaged roofing on campus.

You may have already noticed the McKinnis workers around. They have been hard at work on several buildings including the Faculty Apartments, A.V. Larson and Morgan Hall.

Below are photos of the project-in-progress, including some of the scaffolding erected around Morgan. The scaffolding took a couple of days to construct and is key to the workers’ safety and productivity.

If visiting one of the buildings under repair, please be aware that these are Construction Zones and use appropriate caution.

Please enjoy the photos and check back often. Updates and new photos will be added as the project continues.

Peru State College is pleased to announce ground has broken on a new Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) campus improvement project.

The project scope includes: creating accessibility routes from the Performing Arts Center (PAC) plaza to Delzell Hall and Campus Services, as well as related site lighting. Also in the project plan is a new ADA compliant ramp to the Campus Services building.

Schemmer Associates designed the project. Their design (see below) calls for the removal of some of the old limestone retaining wall around Delzell. Genesis Contracting is on-site and responsible for the demolition work, construction and installation of the new ADA compliant ramps and walkways.

In preparation for the new ADA walkways, Record Doors installed push button door operators in three buildings; The south side entrance of Delzell where the ADA walkway is under construction, the elevator entrance to the Administration building and the north east entrance to the Campus Services building. These controllers are not yet wired in, however, the entrances are open for use.

Please continue to check back for updates as construction continues.

Cleaning Frequency Update: 3/25/2020

Campus Community:

Facility Services is putting forth our best effort to ensure the campus is clean and beautiful as we respond to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Facility Services has taken several additional actions to assist us in staying healthy through this time.

We are working to clean all campus areas more frequently, with a focus on high-traffic areas. A cleaning schedule is posted below.

We ask if you see an area which needs attention please contact Facility Services at 402-872-2257.

Additional cleaning schedule includes:

  • Sanitize door handles, entryways, elevators, handrails and touch-points throughout campus three (3) times a day.
  • Common areas on campus supplied with disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer.

Current cleaning schedule:

Daily or by request

  • Clean and sanitize all bathrooms
  • Common area trash picked up
  • Sweep or vacuum common areas
  • Sanitize all touch-points

Twice a week or by request

  • Office trash service Tuesday and Friday
  • Stairwells cleaning Monday and Thursday

Weekly or by request

  • Dorm showers deep cleaning
  • Hard floor cleaning (TJ Majors, Hoyt and Jindra)
  • Elevators full service cleaning
  • Windows

Monthly or by request

  • HVAC vents
  • Floor polishing (Hoyt and Jindra)
  • Dusting window treatments

Quarterly or by request

  • Walls spot cleaned

Biannually or by request

  • Shampoo carpet in Student Center

Annually or by request - in addition to above

  • Floor to ceiling wall cleaning
  • Strip and wax hard surface floors
  • Shampoo and clean all carpeted flooring

When Facility Services receives a vehicle request, the Vehicle Availability Schedule is checked to confirm a vehicle is available. **Exciting News!!** You can now check to see if a vehicle is available before making your plans by checking Vehicle Availability; a real-time calendar located on the Bobcat Fleet web page! 

Once we have confirmed a vehicle is available, you will receive an email from Facility Services confirming your vehicle and requesting your signed SAP (pre-trip approval).
In addition to the signed SAP form, ALL drivers must have a trip recorded in Concur. When the trip is approved by your manager, go back into Concur, click on your trip, then click on the top right-hand corner Print/Email icon and email the approval form to
Please note: Keys WILL NOT be provided until the driver has forwarded their pre-trip approval to Facility Services.
As soon as Facility Services has both forms, you will receive a second email confirming your trip is secured, and notifying you of the vehicle you will have.
Plan your trip accordingly. State vehicles may not go to your residence overnight; they must remain parked on campus.

Your vehicle’s keys will be ready for you to pick up approximately 30 minutes before you leave campus. Due to increased bookings, vehicles may not be available earlier than this. Please contact Facility Services if you have questions. 

Fill out the pre/post inspection spread sheet at the beginning of the binder. A full walk around the vehicle will help discover if there is anything that may cause issues before leaving on your trip.
Check the inside of the vehicle for damages or anything else that may be noted.
Write notes of your inspection on the Pre-trip and Post-trip Inspection Checklist located in the vehicle binder. DO NOT write notes on the Official Travel Log. This document is for State-use only. 
When you reach your first stop (destination, gas station, or other stopping point) record the mileage driven. When you begin your trip again, record mileage on the next line. Please do NOT log your entire trip on one line. You must record mileage every time you start and stop the vehicle.
Fill out the approved State Travel Log before you leave the parking lot. Record the beginning mileage from the odometer. Do not use decimals as State TSB (Transportation Services Bureau) does not require them.
Each mileage line also requires the driver’s PRINTED name. Do not use ditto marks ( ” ” ) to signify repeating your name.

Vehicle return is on the south side of the Campus Services building in the spaces by the gas pump. Vehicle forms must be fully completed (print legibly) and the binder placed in the blue drop-box. If there is no parking available, please park along the south side of the building. Do not park the vehicle in its stall as Maintenance needs to service the vehicle before its next trip.

Vehicles returned with excess trash, mud, or other debris will be charged a $25.00 cleaning fee. This fee will be charged to the department of the driver.

The vehicle binders contain a wealth of information, and are set up to answer any questions you may have while on your trip. The Facility Services Bobcat Fleet page also has information to help you have a safe and productive trip! 

Should you have further questions, or would like to schedule someone from Facility Services to go over this information with you or your department, please contact us at 402-872-2257.

Effective 10/18/19