Freshman Fusion Program Application

Freshman Fusion Program Application

Mission Statement: The mission of the Freshman Fusion Experience is to instill leadership and excellence in collegiate achievement in a substance-free environment, through academic and social resources provided in a mentor to mentee relationship.

Benefits of the Freshman Fusion Experience Program: Participants are assigned an upperclassman mentor, with a mentor to mentee ratio of approximately 1:10. The Fusion mentors live in the same residence hall as the participants.

The mentors facilitate bi-weekly, individual meetings with their mentees to facilitate their success. Mentors receive extensive training regarding personal decision making, academic resourcing, and program planning.

The participant agrees to live in a substance-free environment and to remain substance-free for the duration of participation in the Freshman Fusion Experience Program.

Participants live in a suite-style living environment with other participants and mentors. This allows the participants to build relationships with colleagues which can impact the rest of the college experience.

Monthly programs are designed around programmatic themes and a semester service learning project encourages engagement with the local and regional communities. Experience in this program will greatly benefit and aid future success and endeavors as a Peru State College Student.

Applications reviewed on a rolling basis.

Steps to the application process:

1. Provide personal information, including name, address, phone number and e-mail address.

2. Applicant must respond to the short answer questions. Answers must be received in type-written format along with this page of the application.

3. Announcement of selection will be made on a rolling basis. Alternative housing for those not selected to participate in the program will be available in Morgan and Delzell Halls.