Housing Request Over Break

Housing Request Over Break

This form is intended for students requesting to stay in housing and/or meals over a College break period.

Submission does not equal approval. A decision will be sent via your Peru State campus account.

All requests must be submitted at least 10 business days in advance of the beginning of the break period.

Policies regarding the following:

• Breaks where halls are closed:

Thanksgiving Break (5 days), Winter/Christmas Break (30 days – 10 days no meal plan available), Midterm/Spring Break (March 6-15) (9 days)

o $25/day for housing/meals
o Includes supervision, 2 meals a day, and access to residence hall
o During Winter/Christmas break 10 days with no meals, access to kitchen will be provided to all residents during this time. Trip to WalMart prior to food service closure for 10 days available on request for those without transportation.
o Must receive prior approval through Residence Life and purchase days up front. For these breaks, you will pay the flat rate for every day you will be in residence during the break (except the 10 days with no meal plan during Christmas).
o Cash sales will not be available during these breaks.

• Breaks where halls are open, dining is closed:

Labor Day (3 days), Mid-Term Break (4 days), Easter (3 days)

o $12/day for meals
o Must notify Residence Life by deadline set for each break to participate in meals during break and pay for meals prior to break.
o Flexibility to select # of days for the break to have meals (do not have to participate all of the days).
o If you do not show up for the meals on days you select, there are no refunds.
o Cash sales will not be available during these breaks unless offices are open (then only Bob Inn for lunch is available for cash purchases).