Cooperating School Scholarship Recommendation

Cooperating School Scholarship Recommendation

Must be completed by High School Guidance Counselor or Administration

The Cooperating School Scholarship pays one-half on-campus tuition up to 16 hours per semester for eight semesters at Peru State. Scholarship designees are based on the recommendation of the high school counselor or administration.

To qualify, the student must be a senior in the top half of their graduating class, be active in their high school and possess leadership qualities. Recipients must maintain a cumulative 2.0 GPA at Peru State to retain this award.

We recommend that school districts with more than one high school develop a central point of contact that determins the district scholarship designee(s) and alternates.

The submitted recommendation will be delivered to the Peru State Admissions email ( and a copy will be sent to the student's email and school official's email.

Please contact the Director of Admissions if you have questions about these awards by phone at (402) 872-2221 or by e-mail at