Student Organization Fund Request Form

Student Organization Fund Request Form

1. Request must benefit the entire student body. The Budget Committee will determine this.

2. Be creative with requests. Funds can be used for speakers, prizes for Peru State Students, food, equipment, etc.

3. A current constitution, student organization officer list, and advisor approval form must be on file with Student Senate to be considered an “ACTIVE” student organization in order to request funds.

4. Funds are not available for travel including field trips, conference attendance, etc.

5. Funds must be spent according to the original request. Deviations from this must be approved by Student Senate prior to spending funds or reimbursement cannot be guaranteed.

6. Fund requests for $250 or less may be approved by the Budget Committee and brought to the full Senate for information. Any requests for over $250 must have Budget Committee approval and will be presented to the full Senate for review and vote. In this situation, it is strongly encouraged a member of the organization and the organization advisor attend this meeting to present their request and respond to any questions that may be asked.

7. Student Senate has the authority to approve, deny, amend, or request additional information for any request for funding.