Student Teaching Application

As part of the requirements for applying for student teaching, teacher education candidates must be fully admitted to Teacher Education prior to October 1 for spring student teacher applications or prior to March 1 for fall student teacher applications. Those who do not meet all requirements for admission to teacher education must defer applying for student teaching if the established deadlines are not met. Please visit the college catalog and/or Teacher Education Handbook to review these requirements for admission to student teaching.

Applications are due by the end of the third week of the semester prior to the student teaching semester. Please be aware that a quality application takes time so start working on it early.

Submit the student teaching application through the Student Teaching Placement Preference Application. Any questions related to the student teaching application should be addressed with Stephanie Holmes, Director of Field Experiences. You must submit your application to the main campus Education Office, TJM 205, attention Stephanie Holmes.

All fall student teachers must complete any transfer courses that will substitute for program requirements on or before June 15. These course grades must be documented with (1) a student grade report by June 15 and (2) an official transcript by July 15.

Instructions for completing the Student Teaching Application

  1. Complete a Cover Sheet and save it; Cover Sheet
    1. This will go to the school/district for review. 
  2. Complete a Professional Resume and save it.
    1. This will go to the school/district for review. A professional resume takes time and attention to detail.
    2. The resume for a Student Teaching Application requires the following:
      • List the institution information first (Peru State College)
      • Degree (Bachelor of Science)
      • Anticipated graduation date (Estimated May or December, year)
      • Endorsements/Majors (Ex. Elementary Education)
      • Practicum experiences
        • School District of practicums
        • Grade levels/subject
        • Semester of each practicum
        • Duties/Experiences while at practicum
        • Use TBA or “In progress” for a practicum currently enrolled at the time of creating this resume
    1. A 1-2 page resume is acceptable
    2. List any work experiences and volunteer activities that directly relate to teaching
      • Ask at least two others to proofread.
  1. Complete the Essay Questions and save it.
    Student Teaching Application Essay Questions
    • Single space for each answer
    • No more than 2 to 3 paragraphs for each question
    • Double-check your spelling and grammar
    • Ask several people to proof read your responses to each question
    • Remember your audience
      • Prospective cooperating teachers and principals will read the essay questions
    • Limit your information to what is relevant to the specific question.
  1. Make an appointment to meet with your Faculty Academic Advisor.
    • Advising appointment discussion includes reviewing and providing feedback on Cover Sheet, Resume, and Essay questions.
    • Review Degree Audit during appointment for any missing classes prior to student teaching semester.
  1. Complete the Student Teaching Placement Preference Application
    • Attach the Cover Sheet, Resume and Essay Questions to the Student Teaching Placement Preference Application.
    • The Student Teaching Placement Preference Application will be sent to the faculty advisor with student’s attachments upon submission.
    • The advisor will not approve the information until they have met with the student to discuss and review documents.
    • If the student makes changes to any of the documents after the student teaching placement preference application has been submitted, then new documents need to be emailed to to include in the student teaching packet to submit to the school/district.

  1. Graduation Application – Student Records Office
    • Student Records will send an email to all students who are eligible for graduation.
    • Student Records’ email will include the link for the electronic Graduation Application form.
    • There will be a $50.00 application fee required.
    • It is the student’s responsibility to make sure he/she completes the Graduation Application and pay the required fee.
  1. Out-of-Area/State Placement Request
    • An out-of-area/state student teaching placement is a placement that is outside the state of Nebraska and is 100 miles or more from the Peru State College campus in Iowa, Missouri or Kansas. If a student, plans to student teach outside of the Peru State College service area, they will have additional responsibilities and paperwork to complete.
    • Arrange to speak with the Director of Field Experiences/Certification Officer, Ms. Stephanie Holmes by emailing her at
    • The appointment will need to be at least 10 days prior to the date the student teaching application is due.

Additional Reminders:

  • After the student submits the student teaching application, please be patient, as the placement process takes time.
  • Do not contact any host school personnel until after the Director of Field Experiences/Certification Officer has confirmed the placement.
    • Doing so violates the College’s agreement with the schools and may jeopardize the students’ ability to receive a placement.
  • The Director of Field Experiences/Certification Officer will register students for all student teaching courses and EDUC 420.
    • Students are not able to register themselves through myPSC.
    • Be sure all holds are satisfied prior to pre-registration.
    • Director of Field Experiences will remove advising holds during the registration process.