Practicum Students

The practicum application process has been updated. You will now apply for practicum placements through your LiveText account. More information will be provided about this process at the start of each semester.

Teacher Education Handbook
Tips for Making a Good Impression
Nebraska Clinical Practice Evaluation
Nebraska Clinical Practice Formative Assessment Form

Personal and Professional Fitness Statement

Personal and Professional Fitness Statement forms are completed in all practicum placements and student teaching. If you are arrested for anything other than a minor traffic offense after completing this form during any practicum placements and/or student teaching, you have the obligation to contact the Director of Field Experiences/Certification Officer, Stephanie Holmes, at

PSEA Membership Application

With Peru Student Education Association (PSEA) membership, students receive professional liability insurance. Students must have this insurance prior to entering a school for their practicum placement. This annual membership is for the academic year from September 1 through August 31.

This membership is required for all students prior to the start of any practicum placement and student teaching. The Nebraska State Education Association (NSEA) will provide us with an updated membership list each week. Students may forward the receipt/confirmation email to The Director of Field Experiences/Certification Officer, Stephanie Holmes at

The Director of Field Experiences/Certification Officer will visit courses to discuss practicum placement requirements. During this class, students will be asked to purchase professional liability insurance. If a student is absent during class, they can schedule a separate time with The Director of Field Experiences/Certification Officer or follow these instructions below:

PSEA Membership Application Link

  • Complete the full application information.
  • Under State attending School Section
    • College or University: Peru State College

    • Campus: Peru State College

    • Level of Study: Select your class level (note: DO NOT select freshman)

    • Select Anticipated graduation date
  • Click Continue and follow instructions for payment method.
  • Students will need a credit card to pay (est. cost is $33.00).
  • Students will receive an e-mail confirmation/receipt and a welcome message from NSEA. Retain the receipt email.