Measure 3: Candidate Competency at Program Completion

The graph below indicates individuals who received a 1st time Nebraska teaching certificate between 2015-2021 and who appear employed as a teacher in a Nebraska public or private school system. A summary of the data shows the percentage of graduates from Peru State who have met the necessary requirements to obtain a Nebraska Teaching License. The data indicates that on average 82% of Peru State College graduates meet the requirements for certification to teach in the state of Nebraska.

Academic Year Total number of Peru State College graduates* Number of graduates who met state certification requirements  Percentage of graduates who met state certification requirements**
2015-16 70 56 80%
2016-17 60 54 90%
2017-18 43 37 86%
2018-19 44 33 75%
2019-20 41 34 83%
2020-21 39 34 87%
2021-22 33 27 82%
2022-23 41 39 95%

*Total number of graduates include those for whom Praxis II scores have been received.

**Percentage of graduates who met state certification requirements successfully, completed their teacher preparation programs and passed the Praxis II in their content areas.