Traditional Dual Enrollment

At participating high schools, students enroll in courses for Dual Credit taught by their high school instructor, whose qualifications are reviewed by Peru State College, within the high school classroom. Students receive credit for the coursework from both their high school and Peru State College.

Student Qualifications

Students must meet the following criteria to participate in the Dual Enrollment program at Peru State College:

  1. Be juniors or seniors;
  2. Be chosen carefully and recommended by the high school academic staff;
  3. Meet the prerequisites of the courses;
  4. Have a cumulative grade point average of 'B' or its equivalent or better; or rank in the top half of their high school class; or earn an ACT composite score of at least twenty (20) or an equivalent score on another valid assessment.

Registration Information

Students will be required to complete the online Dual Enrollment Application and turn in the signed Parent Authorization Form. High School Counselors will be required to complete a Counselor approval process.

After the application deadline, a course roster will be sent to the high school to verify that all students are enrolled in the correct courses for the term.  If a student is not enrolled in the course as anticipated, please contact our office as soon as possible to rectify the situation.


Please see the high school counselor or principal for the list of courses offered by the high school. The course listing will also include the specific deadlines for the current semester.


Information on Dual Enrollment tuition can be found here.

Access College Early (ACE) Scholarship

The Access College Early (ACE) Scholarship is available to Dual Enrollment Students, by the Nebraska Coordinating Commission for Postsecondary Education. To be eligible, students must qualify for one of the federal benefit programs: Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), Food Stamps, Special Supplemental Nutrition Program (WIC), Free or Reduced Price Lunches, or other extreme hardship.

Applications may be submitted online at Students should apply for the ACE Scholarship as soon as the application is available each semester; the application and deadline dates can be found on the ACE website. We encourage students to apply for the ACE Scholarship early in the semester as the funds each year are limited. If a student applies for and is denied the ACE Scholarship or if the funds have been used up for that year, it is the student’s responsibility to pay all tuition fees to Peru State College.

Any questions regarding the ACE application or application process can be directed to Ritchie Morrow, Financial Coordinator, CCPE, at or by telephone at 402-471-0032.

High School Approval

A process has been developed for approving new school districts for participation in the Dual Enrollment Program at Peru State College.  Once a school is approved, additional coursework added at a later time will follow a similar process for approval.

Several forms are required prior to approval of courses.  Materials needed for course approval are as follows:

  1. HS Course Approval Request
  2. Current Instructor Resume/Vitae
  3. Course Syllabus - Courses offered for Dual Enrollment should reflect the concepts taught in current Peru State College courses, which can be found on current syllabi. Please contact the Distance Education office for current syllabi at or call 402-872-2433.
  4. Copy of textbook cover and table of contents
  5. Letter of support from the high school administration
  6. Copy of undergraduate and graduate transcripts showing degrees earned (copies of official transcripts from school personnel files will be accepted)

Once a school has been approved, a School Participation Agreement will be mailed to the administrator at that school to sign and send back to the college.

High school instructors will be required to submit a current syllabus prior to the semester for review by the Dean and should consider adopting the College’s textbook.  Additional support and communication between the high school instructor and college faculty will be available each year.


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