Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started:

Is online learning for me?

Peru State understands that many students have responsibilities outside of the classroom; however, that should never inhibit them from getting their education. Peru State’s online program allows students to pursue a bachelor’s or master’s degree, all while continuing their fast-paced life.

Peru State is committed to the success of our online students. Online learning is a mode to expand our educational opportunities. The following criteria are recommended for successful completion of online courses:

  • Approximately 12 to 15 hours a week to devote to your online course(s) (depending on your course load)
  • Comfort with using the Internet and basic computer software
  • Comfort with expressing your thoughts and ideas in writing
  • The ability to work, to some extent, independently
  • Access to a reliable Internet source (broadband Internet is recommended)

How is an online course different than a traditional classroom course?

All online courses are offered via the Internet and do not require you to visit campus unlike face-to-face courses which do. The courses are alike in that the content is the same regardless of mode.

Is a proctored exam required?

Peru State does not require proctored exams.

How do I apply for admission at Peru State?

Applying online is completely free. The first step in applying to attend Peru State is to speak with a representative from the Admissions Office. You may reach the Admissions Office by email at  or by phone at 402-872-2221.

What is the tuition cost of an online course?

Visit the One Stop webpage for current information on tuition and fees and the withdrawal refund schedule.

For textbook information, you may visit the College Bookstore.

>Is there a schedule of courses to review?

You can review Peru State's courses by visiting the Schedule of Classes. If you are not a current student, you may use the 'General Public View.'

How do I enroll in an online course?

You can log in to your myPSC account to enroll yourself or if you are having trouble, you may contact the Student Records Office at or at 402-872-2226.

What is Joint Enrollment?

Joint Enrollment is available to students through the Nebraska State College System. Taking courses at a 'sister-institution' such as Chadron State College or Wayne State College would support an undergraduate or graduate degree at Peru State. The credit would transfer seamlessly, as long as it supports your degree program.

Is there a deadline for enrolling in an online course?

To improve conditions we believe associated with student success, students will need to add 8 week courses before the start date. Courses will be available the weekend before the start date for those registered. The 16 week courses' add/drop period is one week after the course has started, by Sunday of week 1 at midnight.

Once I have registered for a course, what happens?

After you have registered for an online course, you will be assigned a college-issued email account. Two weeks before the course begins, you will then be sent an email with your new college-issued email login and Canvas login information. Once you have your student email access information, it is very important to check it often. Your online courses will be available the Friday before the start date of the course.

>Where can I purchase my textbooks for my course?

You can purchase your textbooks, or get textbook information, by visiting the Online Bookstore. Once at their site, please follow the instructions below.

  • Log in with your myPSC username and password.
  • Your enrolled courses and required textbooks will appear. Click on the appropriate number and click ‘Select.’
  • You have the option to purchase your books through the Bookstore website. Otherwise, you can copy the information and buy them at your local bookstore.

You may contact the Dean’s office assistant or course instructor to make sure you are getting the correct edition and to find out if there are any supplemental materials or unusual course requirements/costs.

When can I access my course?

Canvas courses become available the Friday before the course start date. Students have the weekend to review the coursework. For 8 week courses, students have ten days to review the coursework with the opportunity to drop the course by Sunday of week 1 at midnight.

What if I cannot get into my course with the username and password?

Be sure you are using the correct login information for Canvas. The username is your student email address. The password is the same password used for your student email address.
If you are still having technical issues accessing your Canvas account, you can email the Distance Education and Online Services Office at or you may call 800-742-4412, option 5. In emergencies you can call our technical line, available until 9 pm after hours and 9 am to 9 pm on weekends, CT, at 402-819-8181.

What if I cannot log in to my college-issued email account?

  1. Go to
  2. Your Username is your first name.last name and the first five digits of your NUID (ex:
  3. Password: The initial password to Office 365 has been placed in your myPSC dashboard. Click the Messages link to access the initial password. You will be required to set a new password upon your first login to Office 365.  

For questions or concerns, you will need to contact Computer Services at 402-872-2270 or by email at When emailing Computer Services, please provide your NUID.

What is my NUID?

To find your NUID, go to and follow the steps listed.

If you are still having issues, please contact the Admissions Office at 402-872-2221 or by email at

I have entered my course, now what?

Once you have entered your course, you will see a ‘Welcome Announcement.’ The announcement will introduce you to the online instructor and outline the time frame for the course assignments. The 'Assignments' button will usually contain the course syllabus. This button will also provide weekly assignments. You will submit all assignments, papers, projects and exams in Canvas. You will have set assignment deadline dates, but do not have to be online at a specific time and day.

If you are a new student, you will also see an ‘Orientation’ listed under you courses. It is mandatory to complete the Orientation. It will assist you with online learning and coursework.

What if I do not log in to my course or complete a graded item?

Students are now required to not only log in to their courses, but also complete a graded item by the end of the no-show period. A graded item is anything that is worth points toward your final grade in the course assignment, quiz/exam, discussion board post (excluding discussion board introduction).

If you do not log in to the course and complete a graded item by the deadline, you will be removed as a 'No-Show.' Being removed as a 'No-Show' may impact your Financial Aid or your eligibility to participate in collegiate activities.

The no-show deadline for 8 and 16 week courses is Monday of week 2 at noon. 

Throughout the Semester:

What if I forgot how to do something in my online course?

If you are not already enrolled in the Orientation, please feel free to request access. The Orientation can assist you with basic Canvas processes and help you feel more comfortable again.

If you have any questions or concerns about Canvas, please feel free to direct them to the Distance Education and Online Services Office at 800-742-4412, option 5 or at We would be happy to walk you through any processes.

What if I have a technical issue?

The Distance Education and Online Services Office will assist with common technical issues. All current or common noted issues are listed on our technical support page.

Many technical issues are related with the user’s browser and browser settings. The Distance Education and Online Services Office can assist you with troubleshooting and finding a solution to these types of issues. When working with staff members, you can provide them with the following helpful information:

  • course you are having issues with (ex: BUS 335-39A, EDUC 601-49X)
  • information about your computer, operating system, and browser
  • the error message you are receiving, if applicable

If you are emailing Distance Education and Online Services, a screenshot or screen clipping of the error message is helpful.
If the error is taking place while you are in Canvas, the staff may ask you the following questions:

  • Is this problem intermittent or does it always occur?
  • When was the first time you had this problem?
  • Have you made any software changes or updates since you were last able to use this function/feature?
  • Were you able to perform this feature in Canvas last semester?
  • Does this feature/task work in your other online classes?

The Distance Education and Online Services staff members will attempt to provide minimal computer support. However, if it is out of their scope of technical support, students would then need to contact a computer service located near them.

How do I contact my online instructor?

You may contact your online instructor through Canvas’ internal email system. You can email your instructor by going to the "Inbox" link on the lefthand side of the screen. Occasionally, you will also find the instructor’s phone number in the syllabus and on the 'Staff Information' or 'Contacts' page; both are in your Canvas course.

Do you have an Online Library and how do I access EBSCO and other research data?

Yes - we have an excellent Online Library. Peru State offers 24/7 access to online library services to cater to every student's needs. To log in to EBSCO or other research data, go to the library web page.  Enter your myPSC username and password into the correct fields.

To find out more information on how to use the Library resources, click here.

How will I know what I need to take to complete my degree?

The courses you need to take are determined by your educational goals. An academic advisor will be assigned to you and you can review your progress in myPSC. If you are unable to reach your advisor, please contact your School to speak with a representative of the department.

How do I get my final grade?

You can check your official grades on myPSC. If you have any questions about your grades, please feel free to contact the Student Records Office at 402-872-2226. If you have a question about your grades posted in Canvas, contact your instructor.

What can I do if I decide to drop or withdraw from a course?

Students may drop a 16 week course during the first week of the term without financial penalty. Students may drop an 8 week course during the first week of the term (Sunday by midnight) without financial penalty.

Students who wish to withdraw from a course after the add/drop week must notify their advisor and course instructors, then officially withdraw through myPSC. Before withdrawing, students should check with the Financial Aid Office for any funding consequences. Students withdrawing after the last day to drop/add courses receive a 'W.' After one week past the mid-point of the term, students who initiate a withdrawal receive an 'F' for the course. Students withdrawing from a portion of their classes, but not all classes, will receive no proration of charges and/or aid.

*Approximately two weeks before the course start date, students will receive an email from the Distance Education and Online Services Office. The email will contain valuable information, including the drop/add dates. There is a link to the College Catalog in each course - the drop/add and withdrawal dates can be found there as well, along with other College policies.

What if I need tutorial assistance online?

For students who are unable to come to campus for tutorial assistance, CATS Tutoring provides online peer-tutoring assistance free of charge for all enrolled students. You can find information about requesting a CATS tutor here.