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Online Faculty Handbook


The Online Faculty Handbook is intended to assist online instructors with online courses and course development, whether it is for online, hybrid, blended, or web-enhanced courses.

 After reviewing the handbook, you should have a much better understanding of Peru State's online goals, policies, and procedures.  It supplements the faculty resources you may find throughout the website and the College Catalog.
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For additional information or clarification, please contact your Dean or the Director of Distance Education and Online Services.


Blackboard Training Material


Blackboard 9.1

Preparing Your Course

Discussion Board

When designing or editing your course, you need to decide how to grade Discussion Board. You can continue to grade threads manually through the Grade Center. Or, you may choose to enable Discussion Board grading in your course. Note: to use Rubrics in the Discussion Board, Discussion Board Grading must be enabled.

Grade Center

The Blackboard Grade Center is very complex. We recommend that instructors be well-trained in this particular area of their course.

Test Creation

Adaptive Release

Adaptive Release controls the release of content to users based on a set of rules created by the instructor.

Blogs, Journals, & Wikis

You can now add collaborative tools to your course, within Blackboard. All three options can be found in your Control Panel.


Rubrics can help students organize their efforts to meet the requirements of an assignment. Instructors can use Rubrics within Blackboard to explain their evaluations to students. For electronic copies, please contact the Distance Education and Online Services Office.


SafeAssign is a Blackboard tool that you may use to detect plagiarism.

Self & Peer Assessment

Self and Peer Assessment allows an instructor to create an exercise to be presented to their students for completion and evaluation by their peers.


Online Course Enhancing Technologies

OneSearch: Curriculum Builder

Curriculum Builder is a tool to assist you in better leveraging the resources available through the Peru State Library. This tool allows instructors to easily create reading lists within online courses. Available within this resource is over 80,000 full-text items and 250,000 ebooks.

Google Features: Student Email Tools

Student email accounts are now hosted by Google, which allows instructors to use Google tools for engagement and discussion.

Microsoft Office 2010: Word & PowerPoint

The tutorial below outlines Microsoft Office's 2010 features in Word and PowerPoint; some features would greatly enhance your course and online learning.


Enhance your course by adding educational videos, introductions, or lectures. You can do it from home or from your office computer.


Additional Information