Types of Accommodations

Exam Accommodation Service

Many students with disabilities require accommodations for test taking. The Exam Service assists academic departments in determining and providing exam modifications/accommodations. Using psychological and medical information regarding the student's disability, appropriate exam modifications are made. The Office of Disability Services will consult with and negotiate any conflicts between student and instructor. Upon written request of the student and the instructor, the Office will provide the exam accommodations and directly administer the exam to the student.

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Temporary Conditions

The Office of Student Disability Services provides accommodations to students with temporary disabilities arising from injury, surgery, or short-term medical conditions. To receive accommodations for a temporary disability, the individual must submit a note from either their personal physician or Student Health to our office indicating the type of disability, limitations, prognosis, and estimated duration. Additionally, the student should contact all instructors to discuss means of completing class requirements and exams during the period of temporary disability.

Learning Strategies

This service will provide small group and individualized instruction and assistance in learning strategies and study skills which are targeted to the specific strengths and deficits of the student. This service will be structured as a series of workshops, individualized sessions, or the student will be referred to other available campus resources or classes.

Screening & Referral for Diagnosis

The Office of Disability Services will provide an initial screening prior to a referral for a Learning Disability or Attention Deficit Disability (LD/ADD) assessment. Students experiencing academic difficulty not due to an undiagnosed LD/ADD will be referred to the appropriate campus student support services office(s).