Dr. Greg Galardi

Associate Professor of Business

Dr. Greg Galardi

Associate Professor of Business

School of Professional Studies
TJM 238


Fall 2019 Course Offerings:
BUS 201 000A  Organizational Communications (campus-semester)
BUS 201 000B Organizational Communications (campus-semester)
BUS 201 049X Organizational Communications (online-term 1)
BUS 336 000A and 049A Marketing Research (campus and online-semester)
COLL 201 049X Prior Learning/Life Experience (online-term 1)


Personal Motto: “Leave no stone unturned in pursuit of what you seek.”

Dr. Greg Galardi received his Doctorate of Business Administration with a specialization in Criminal Justice Administration from Northcentral University in 2008. He completed an MBA from Northcentral University, an M.S.in Human Resources from Central Michigan University, and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Bellevue College.

Dr. Galardi retired from the Papillion Police Department in 2004 after a very successful law enforcement career for the City of Papillion, Nebraska and prior to that the City of LaVista, Nebraska. Assignments included Acting Chief of Police, Police Lieutenant (Administration, Investigations, and Operations Commander), Police Sergeant, DARE officer, Police Field Training Officer, and Police Officer. He was a traffic radar instructor and pepper mace instructor. His career included numerous commendations for his exemplary performance in the areas of investigation and arrest of felony criminal suspects, lifesaving, hostage negotiation, community policing, grant writing and investigation and arrest of felony criminal suspects. Galardi was awarded Employee of the Year three times during his public service career.

Dr. Galardi became Dean of the School of Professional Studies in 2009. The School of Professional Studies includes the academic disciplines of Accounting, Management, Marketing, Computer Management Information Systems, Business Teaching (BMIT), Criminal Justice and Psychology.

Dr. Galardi’s teaching experiences include both in the traditional classroom environment and online. Undergraduate courses taught have included Introduction to College, Survey of Criminal Justice, Introduction to Corrections, Policing, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedures, Courts and Judicial Processes, Victimology, Criminology, Research Methods, Organization and Administration of Justice, Criminalistics, and the capstone course Seminar in Criminal Justice. Galardi has taught Organizational Behavior, Loss Prevention and Production Operations Management in the Business area. Graduate courses taught in the MSOM program include Study Design and Data Collection, and Statistical Methods Data Analysis. Galardi has supervised undergraduate and graduate internships and worked with graduate students on their research projects in the Master of Science in Organizational Management program.

Dr. Galardi was the recipient of the 2010 Nebraska State College System Teaching Excellence Award and the 2009-2010 Peru State College Teaching Excellence Award. In concert with Dr. James Nevitt, they were awarded the 2006 Peru State College School of Professional Studies Innovational Instructional Award for their work in the initial Honors Analysis of Evil course, which continues to this day.
Galardi’s academic interests include student learning in criminal justice, online instruction and curriculum development, and management issues pertinent to policing. Dr. Galardi continues his role as Associate Editor of Lambda Alpha Epsilon-Journal of the American Criminal Justice Association, which he was appointed to beginning in 2005.

Galardi’s community service projects include working with the Special Olympics and Jaycees. Greg was recognized in 1998 and 1999 with a State of Nebraska Governor’s award for his contributions to the Special Olympics. Greg volunteered as a youth basketball coach for over 25 years in Auburn, Bellevue, Omaha, Papillion, Wahoo, and Weston, Nebraska. Galardi volunteered as an Assistant Coach and Recruiter for the PSC Men’s basketball program from 2008 to 2010 and as an Assistant Coach and recruiter for the Women’s Lady Bobcats Basketball program in 2007-8.

Galardi is a past advisor for the Psychology-Sociology-Criminal Justice (PSCJ) club at Peru State College. Galardi enjoys attending new student orientations and working with students during their time at PSC. He considers the ultimate reward of an educator to be students calling him to advise they successfully started their professional career or continued progress towards graduate education degrees.

Past & Professional Associations:
Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences
American Evaluation Association
Lambda Alpha Epsilon- American Criminal Justice Association
International Association of Chiefs of Police
Nebraska Chapter of International Association for Identification
Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching
North American Case Research Association Police Executive Research Forum United States Association of Small Business and Entrepreneurship Publications & Presentations: Nevitt, J., & Galardi, G. (2009). Analysis of Evil: Using a Graphic Novel to Teach an Interdisciplinary Honors Course Involving Psychology and Serial Murder.
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