Dr. Dave Radell

Online Adjunct

Dr. Dave Radell

Online Adjunct

Arts & Sciences
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Fall 2017
Stat 210-049X, 049A & 049B/ Statistics

Spring 2018
Esci 215-049Y & 049S/ Intro to Earth & Physical Science








Dr. Dave Radell teaches STAT 210, Statistics and ESCI 215, Introduction to Earth Science.  He started teaching as an adjunct in 2002 at the former PSC Lincoln Center campus.  When the Lincoln Center campus closed, Dave started teaching online and has taught almost every semester since then.  Dave thoroughly enjoys teaching Peru State students, and supports the mission of the College to foster “excellence and student achievement through engagement in a culture that promotes inquiry, discovery and innovation”.  He currently works full time as a meteorologist for the federal government.  Dave writes and publishes scientific papers and serves as a peer reviewer for several meteorology journals.  He also serves on various professional committees, including the National Weather Association’s Weather and Forecasting Committee.

For the past few years, Dave has been involved in earth science curriculum development for high achieving high school students. He was invited by the US State Department in 2012 to teach an earth science course he developed to advanced high school juniors and seniors in Egypt as part of the US-Egypt “Year of Science”.

Outside of work, Dave is an avid runner, and enjoys spending time with his wife and two kids.  He enjoys traveling, reading and music (he’s a “retired” bassist) and the occasional Texas Tech basketball, Nebraska football or New York Yankees baseball game.




Ph.D.  Geosciences/Meteorology (Nebraska, 2007)
M.S. Atmospheric Science (Texas Tech, 2001)
B.S. Meteorology (Penn State, 1998)