MINOR: Criminal Justice

Course Descriptions:

CJUS 110 | Survey of Criminal Justice (3 credit hours)
This course introduces students to general criminal justice concepts and knowledge about the relationships of crime and criminal behavior. The purpose, role, and interrelationships of the police, other law enforcement officials, the courts and judiciary, corrections, and parole systems are discussed.

CJUS 220 | Introduction to Corrections (3 credit hours)
This course is a general introductory course that describes the history and development of corrections in America, the various aspects of correctional practices, and issues and perspectives affecting institutional life within the correctional system. Organizational and administrative practices are examined.
Prerequisite Required: CJUS 110

CJUS 230 | Policing (3 credit hours)
This course covers the major roles of the police in American society. The course investigates the origins of policing and law enforcement, police organization, the functions of police in society, and the polices' relationships to the various components of the criminal justice system. Issues confronting police administration are discussed.
Prerequisite Required: CJUS 110

CJUS 308 | Community-Based Corrections (3 credit hours)
This course focuses on correctional processes and strategies regarding probation, parole, juveniles, diversion, and other innovative approaches applied in a community setting.
Prerequisite Required: CJUS 110

CJUS 340 | Criminal Procedures and the Courts (3 credit hours)
This course provides an overview of the structure and functions of the criminal court system in the United States, including county, state, federal, and specialized courts. The roles of court personnel, case flow management, a variety of issues confronting the court system, court standards as compared to actual functioning, and court reform measures are studied. Constitutional rules regarding evidence, search and seizure, interrogations and confessions, and suspect identification guidelines receive significant attention. Constitutional rights, remedies, post-trial appeal processes, and criminal procedure during times of crisis receive consideration.

CJUS 360 | Criminology (3 credit hours)
This course examines the nature and causes of crime as a social phenomenon.
Prerequisite Required: CJUS 110

CJUS 385 | Victimology (3 credit hours)
This course focuses on the theoretical perspectives of victimization, the scope of victimization in the United States, the justice system's response, victim's rights, restorative justice, and research and evaluation findings. Being exposed to and understanding victimization issues enhances students' knowledge about a comprehensive system of justice rather than a "criminal's justice system."