Drug and Alcohol Counseling/Resources

Peru State College Drug and Alcohol Counseling/Resources is a harm reduction program that utilizes counseling techniques, educational information, and non-judgmental stance to help the individual make positive changes in their lives, and educates individuals on how drugs and alcohol can affect our short and long term goals.

Social Perception Myths

Students tend to have an overinflated perception of how many students on campus drink or use marijuana. AlcoholWise is an online course utilized by Peru State College to correct this misconception. After taking the AlcoholWise course, a higher percentage of students accurately perceived the norm for the number of students who drink.
Based on the Report from AlcoholWise completed by incoming freshmen, 80.6% report not drinking. Those students who choose to drink or use drugs are less than what social perceptions would lead to believe.

BASICS (Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students)

BASICS provides counseling services for students who have a variety of alcohol or drug related issues. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has recognized BASICS as an evidence-based model program.

Referral to BASICS

Any staff, coaches, or faculty can refer a student of concern or who have a misconduct. A student can also be self-referred or by another student. The referral form is available here .


Peru State students who have an alcohol violation on- or off-campus may be required to complete the BASICS program administered by Peru State Counseling Services.  Students may be mandated to attend by Peru State’s Dean of Student Affairs, Director of Residence Life, or Athletics Department. Any student is welcome to attend.

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