Coronavirus Response

Peru State College is dedicated to the health and safety of its students, faculty, staff and visitors.

Peru State College is reporting data weekly to keep our campus and community informed about the positivity rate for employees and students, the number of active cases, and the number of non-active cases.

COVID-19 Dashboard

Last updated March 1, 2022

Active Cases*
0 students
0 faculty/staff
Non-Active Cases
51 students
17 faculty/staff
Total (since January 2022)
51 total students
17 total faculty/staff

*Active Cases are updated subsequent to campus notice. Active Cases are the number of students, faculty or staff who have tested positive, but have not yet cleared the recovery protocols identified in CDC guidance.

Regular testing continues to be an important strategy as high testing numbers continue to catch both symptomatic and asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic cases. By responding quickly and placing these individuals in isolation, the spread of COVID-19 is significantly reduced.

Peru State College is committed to ongoing testing of students, faculty and staff for COVID-19. The Center for Disease Control reports that a substantial percent of patients are asymptomatic. Consequently, testing the campus population is the best way to maintain a healthy campus and to continue our mission for an engaging, personalized education.

The College has created and gathered the following resources to help better communicate during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

Questions about COVID-19? E-mail the College's Support Team at

Peru State Resources

Mask and Face Coverings Policy
Campus Reopening Committee (START)

Questions regarding communication should be directed to

State and National Resources on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services
Center for Disease Control
US Department of State

Guidance for Colleges and Universities related to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Center for Disease Control
American College Health Association
American Association of State Colleges and Universities
US Department of Education