Hoyt Science Hall

Hoyt Science Hall

Hoyt Science Hall

The academic year in Hoyt is filled with undergraduate and graduate research in the sciences. While the labs aren't available for use, Hoyt's beautiful classrooms are available for conference set-up. Lecture spaces are equipped with a projector for presentations.

Rooms Available

Hoyt Lecture 104 from back to front of the room shows tables, chairs, blackboard, av cart, ceiling mounted projector, overhead projector on a cart and a projection screen.
Hoyt Lecture 104

Hoyt Lecture 105 view from the back of the classroom showing chairs with desk arms, 2 ceiling mounted projection screens, ceiling mounted projector, overhead projector on a cart, stationary cabinet, tv on a cart, 2 exit doors, large blackboard.
Hoyt Lecture 105

Hoyt Lecture 215 from back of class, portable chalkboard on the side of the classroom.
Hoyt Lecture 215

Hoyt Lecture 307 from back of classroom showing large chalkboard, tables and chairs, projector on a cart, wall mounted projection screen.
Hoyt Lecture 307

Hoyt Conference room showing table, chairs, wall mounted tv and webcam.
Hoyt Conference Room