Student Email

Student Email Hosted by Office 365

All currently enrolled students have access to their Office 365 email accounts and can login to them.

Log into your myPSC account with NUID and password and click the Messages link to learn how to access.

  • User ID:  is the firstname.lastname and the first five digits of your NUID number (
  • Password:  The initial password to Office 365 has been placed in your myPSC dashboard. Click the Messages link to access the initial password. You will be required to set a new password upon your first login to Office 365.

Student Email Hosted by Google

Students are required to access their college-issued email regularly. Faculty and staff members will only utilize this email address when emailing student information.

USERNAME: Student’s first name, period, student’s last name, and the first five digits of their NUID number (ex: John.Doe12345)

PASSWORD: Student’s entire, eight-digit NUID (ex: 12345678 or 00123456)

To access email follow this link .

The Gmail accounts will remain active and usable until August 21, 2021.  After that date, access to the Gmail accounts will be removed.

For questions or concerns, contact Computer Services at 402-872-2270 or by email at When emailing Computer Services, please provide your NUID.