Computer Services provides email services to students and employees.
Before you click on the link below for your email please read the section on Phishing.


If you do not know what phishing is, you can look it up on Google; but in short, it is a means by which someone (who does not have your best interest at heart) conceives of a method whereby you release your sensitive personal information or login credentials to them. With this information, they are then able to use your account, or personal information, for whatever purpose they choose.

Some tell-tale signs of phishing:

  • A claim of some dire urgency requiring you to respond.
  • Some threat of removing some electronic resource that you value.
  • You are asked to provide personal information like social security number or date of birth.
  • You are asked to provide the login credentials for one or more of your electronic accounts.
  • Do not provide your login credentials to any non-Peru State College web site or through any email. When you reveal your login credentials, you are opening the door to a host of problems for the college. The consequence of compromised accounts include many of our emails not going to their intended destination and our email server network addresses being placed on SPAM black lists. Only time not producing large volumes of SPAM removes our server addresses from these black lists.

Please be vigilant and delete any email that appears remotely suspicious.