Computer & Management Information Systems (CMIS)

Students building personal computers

The Computer and Management Information Systems (CMIS) option prepares students for employment in the development and use of computer-based systems that generate timely and accurate information used for managing an organization. Though a particularly rigorous field of study, the financial rewards from completing a CMIS option can be particularly high, given the student acquires not only technical computer skills, but also a detailed understanding of the language, processes, and issues of the business world.

Points of Distinction

  • Faculty members are experienced practitioners as well as experienced educators.
  • It is an evolving program that emphasizes network database and systems administration.
  • Students gain practical experience through internship programs.
  • FBLA-PBL students perform excellently at regional and national competitions.
  • Instructional format permits students personal and extended contacts with faculty and individualized guidance throughout all coursework.
  • Each program at Peru State College is reviewed on a continual basis, and coursework is updated to meet industry standards.
  • Students completing degrees at Peru State College are prepared to attend the Nation’s top graduate schools in all program areas.
  • Adding an academic minor in a subject area outside of the major is simple at Peru State and can broaden the scope of knowledge and can improve employment prospects for any student.