Peru Academic Liaisons (PALs)

The first year of college can be overwhelming. To help first year students adjust to their new environment and experiences, students are paired with a Peru Academic Liaison. Their PAL is a professional staff member who regularly connects with their students for the purpose of:

  • Providing regular connection to a supportive staff member, 
  • Quickly connecting students to campus support services,  and 
  • Helping students stay focused on a successful first semester.

History of the PALs Program

In response to COVID-19, Peru State College moved all on-campus courses to remote delivery during the Spring 2020 semester.  Staff were “redeployed” as PALs to help students stay engaged with their courses, help them solve basic issues, and provide information to others who were working with them. Staff engaged with remote students weekly, discovering top issues including:

  • Identifying students for tutoring
  • Making contact when faculty did not receive a response
  • Helping students find Internet access
  • Connecting students with counselors following PALs contact.