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Mapworks is a comprehensive student retention and success program that identifies at-risk students throughout the term.  Mapworks provides the infrastructure through which PSC faculty and staff can manage critical outreach efforts and early interventions.

Peru State College is also excited to utilize the Mapworks survey as a tool that will help assist students in a smooth transition to college and to develop positive habits in order to be successful at Peru State College and beyond.

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Information for Students:

How does it work?

You will be notified by your COLL101 instructor when to take the surveys as PSC will launch the Mapworks Transition Survey beginning the fourth week and then the Follow-up Survey beginning the tenth week of the fall semester.  You will receive an email invitation from Mapworks to participate in the survey and how to log in. The survey only takes 15-20 minutes to complete.

Mapworks uses a combination of the following academic success components:

  • Admissions data (high school GPA, ACT/SAT scores)
  • Institutional data (graduation rates, average GPA)
  • Individualized student surveys taken at pivotal times throughout the year which focuses on:
        • Learning Skills
        • Personal Connections
        • Social Integration
        • Making Healthy Choices
        • Time Management
        • Academic Abilities
        • Expectations

Once the survey is completed, a personalized on-line or printable (PDF) report is available.  This report will help you:

  • understand your personal strengths
  • identify areas where you might be struggling
  • receive personalized support through faculty/staff advising
  • connect with pertinent resources on campus
  • compare your results to peers

Information for Parents:

A sample of the Mapworks Transition survey can be found here.

For further information on Peru State College institutional research and assessment click here.

Who views the reports?

Students may only access their personal data.  They are also provided with aggregate data to allow them to understand their expectations and behaviors in comparison to those of their peers.

PSC Academic Advisors, Student Success Specialists and other pertinent faculty and staff may access individual and aggregate results in order to be of assistance to students.  These professionals receive extensive training and are ethically and legally bound by FERPA regulations and the Mapworks confidentiality agreement.