Major & Career Exploration Resources

A Peru State career counselor can direct you to self-assessment tools and career exploration resources that will provide a foundation for major field and career decision-making. To set up an individual appointment to discuss questions, concerns, and options, stop by CATS 204, call 402-872-2287, or email Hours are 8 a.m. to noon and 1:00 to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Interested in exploring on your own? Examine your skills, interests, and values with the following resources:
Online Resources

  • The Career Key Based on career theory by John Holland, Career Key explores the relationship between interest, personality and careers.)
  • Temperament Sorter - (Personality Inventory based on Please Understand Me II by David Keirsey. Consider using Type Focus or taking the complete Myers-Briggs Personality Indicator to learn more about personality type and its relationship to college, careers, and team development.)
  • O*NET Online (Skills search, developed by The US Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration, helps you find occupations that match many of your skills.)
  • CareerLink.Com - The AIM Institute is an IT membership organization that connects communities, organizations and individuals to new ideas, technologies, talent, jobs, and opportunities.

What Can I Do With This Major?   Are you curious what careers might best suit students according to academic majors? Take a look at this resource that includes information on potential career fields, employing industries, strategies for getting into the fields, and relevant Internet links.

Academic Departments at Peru State – Considering what to study or major in does not always correlate to making a career choice. However, learning about academic departments, course offerings, and activities in the major is critical to making a smart decision about your course of study. While professors may be the best resource for information about their departments, the career counselor can serve as a starting place for asking questions and evaluating occupations to fit to your interests.

Informational Interviewing – Learning about careers from professionals in prospective fields can be a great method for career exploration. The career counselor can help you identify alumni or professionals from the community to interview.

Shadowing – Shadowing is a career exploration tool. The career counselor will provide you with suggestions and contact information for local organizations that might host a shadowing experience for you. A partnership with Mary Lanning Hospital provides regular shadowing opportunities for students considering careers in healthcare.

Occupational Outlook Handbook – A nationally recognized source for career information collected and published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the OOH provides occupational information through a keyword search

Career Profile Search – Princeton Review’s career database supplies profiles of over 200 careers, featuring “A Day in the Life,” Paying Dues, and Associated Careers