How do I search for jobs?

Click on Jobs & Internships, then JobZone to search for full-time, part-time, and seasonal jobs, internships, and volunteer/service opportunities.  Registration with the JobZone also provides you unique access to the National Labor Exchange’s website,  Over 1 million jobs are posted on this site.  You can access by clicking on Jobs & Internships, then Beyond JobZone.

What is the Profile for?

It is important to keep your Profile up-to-date at all times, particularly if you are job or internship searching.   The Academic box is particularly crucial.  Employers use this information to determine whether you meet their requirements for positions.  If you do not wish to give employers direct access to your resume in a resume book, click Edit on thePersonal box, then click on the Privacy tab.  Select “no” to opt out.  On the Privacy tab, you may also choose to receive text message alerts (interview reminders).

What can I store under Documents?

This is where you can upload your resume, unofficial transcript, cover letters, writing samples, or other materials requested by an employer.  The first time you upload your resume, it will need to be approved by a staff member at your Career Center before you can submit it for jobs.  If a document needs to be approved, it will be located under the Pending Documents tab once you have uploaded it.

What is this interview agreement that pops up when I’ve uploaded my resume?

The consortium colleges require their students to abide by certain ethical standards when interviewing.  This includes attending all interviews for which you are scheduled, and giving at least two days notice if needing to cancel an interview.  You must agree to these terms before you will be allowed to submit your resume to employers.

What if I forget my password?

Go to the JobZone website at  Enter your username (your e-mail address), and click “forgot password”.  You will be prompted to enter your username again, and a link to set your password will be e-mailed to you.

How can I use the Employer Directory link?

The Employer Directory lists all organizations that are registered with the JobZone.  You can view the website and profile of an employer if they have provided that information.  Viewing a particular employer can also take you directly to any positions that they have posted (use the Available Positions tab), or on-campus interview possibilities.


Are you looking for an internship or full-time job?
Check out the additional tips below!

I’m searching for a full-time job or internship.  How can I participate in interviews with employers who visit my campus?

To participate in interviews, go to Jobs & InternshipsJobZone.  Make sure you are on theJobs tab. Use the following search criteria:

Show Me:  All Interviews
Posted to my School:  Select your school

Leave the other fields blank to bring up as many interviews as possible.

To submit your resume (or other materials requested by the employer), click on the job title.  Read the job description, and if you meet the qualifications, you may submit your resume on the right side of the screen, where it says Apply. Pay attention to the deadline dates, as well as the date and location of the interview.

Help!   I think I should be eligible for an interview but the system tells me I’m not!

First, check to see that your Profile is filled out completely and up-to-date.  The primary screening criteria used for interviews (major, GPA, year in school, graduation date, etc.) is located on the Academic section of your Profile.  Your resume must also be approved before you will be allowed to apply for an interview.  If neither of these two items seems to be the problem, please contact your Career Center.

How do I find out if I have been selected to interview?

Click on the Interviews tab and look at the Requested Interviews section.  It will list you asInvited, Not Invited, or an Alternate.  (If it says Pending, the employer has not yet made a decision.)

If you are invited, click on the Schedule Interview button.  Select your interview time and hit Submit.  The interview will then appear under the Scheduled Interviews section.

If you are selected as an alternate, you may sign up on the date listed if there are still interview slots available.

If you do not wish to interview, please click the Decline Interview button.

What is the Events tab for?

If an employer is hosting an information session (especially one at their office), you may find it under the Events section.  You can RSVP online.  It is more common for employers to set up information sessions directly through your school’s Career Center, rather than using the JobZone.