Assessment & Accreditation

The Assessment & Accreditation website is designed to provide information about assessment conducted at Peru State College focused on improving the student experience (e.g. student learning, satisfaction, engagement, campus climate) and to disseminate pertinent institutional data, particularly student outcomes. It also serves as a resource for faculty and staff for developing and conducting assessment. If you cannot locate the appropriate resources on the site, one-on-one consultation is also available.

Our Mission

To support and further develop a culture of assessment and continuous improvement by providing timely, accurate and actionable information to college decision makers and external stakeholders and guidance to academic and nonacademic assessment efforts across campus.

Goal 1: Coordinates and facilitates assessment of student learning, student satisfaction and student engagement and provides support in the evaluation of student support functions and program review activities.

Goal 2: Improves assessment efforts by developing and providing resources and training opportunities to enhance the campus community's capacities and comfort levels with assessment.

Goal 3: Monitors and communicates the College's commitment to assessment including its goals, accomplishments, and use of continuous improvement.

Goal 4: Collects, analyzes, interprets and disseminates institutional data from internal and external sources to Peru State staff, faculty administration, students and external stakeholders.

Goal 5: Provides resources as necessary in support of the College's strategic planning process.