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Peru State College Art Day – Friday, March 22, 2019, 9 am – 3 pm

Come join us on Peru State College’s second annual Art Day, an event for high school art students and their teachers! The day provides an opportunity for students to display their art work in our juried exhibition at the Peru State College Art Gallery; student participation in fine arts and graphic design workshops; teacher participation in a professional workshop with instructional input, guided and independent practice; teacher-lead roundtable for addressing standards, curriculum innovations, and assessment approaches; and more!

Register Today! Only 100 student slots available.

Registration closes at noon on Friday, March 8.

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2019 Peru State College Art Day Juried Exhibition and Event Schedule

9:00 – 9:30 – Check In, Welcome and Drop-off Art Submissions for Juried Exhibition
9:30 – 11:30
Students – Choose two workshops:
Art Workshop 1 (Fine Art – Printmaking, in AV Larson Printmaking Lab)
Art Workshop 2 (3D Design – Sculpture Construction, in AV Larson 3D Lab)
Art Workshop 3 (Graphic Design – Live Trace in Adobe Illustrator, in AV Larson Graphic Design Lab)

Target, Method, Match Workshop (The Art of Cartooning, in AV Larson Sculpture Lab)

11:30 – 11:50 Peru State Art Majors Share Their Work and Accomplishments
12:00 – 12:45 Eat on campus at the Main Line Café for $7.00
12:50 – 1:20 Tour the Art Department with Peru State Art Majors
1:20 – 2:20
Campus Tour

Teacher-lead Roundtable for networking and discussing standards, curriculum, and assessment
2:30 – 2:50 Judging Comments & Awards
3:00 Pick up Art Entries and Depart for Home

Student Workshop Descriptions

Fine Art Workshop for Printmaking

Led by Kaylee Gill, Peru State Art Education major & Sloane Killion, Peru State Fine Art major
Learn the process of Monotype Printmaking. Work in Peru State Colleges’ fully equipped and state of the art Printmaking studio. Learn the basics of printmaking. This workshop will demonstrate the use of stencils and the process of rolling prints and involve members in creating their very own works of art.

3D Design Workshop for Sculpture Building

Led by Emily LeCleir, Peru State Graphic Design major & Andrew Smith, Peru State Graphic Design major
Learn the basics of form and design in this special opportunity to construct three dimensional works of art.

Graphic Design Workshop for Live Trace in Adobe Illustrator

Led by Logan Merz, Southeast Design Owner, Peru State Spirit Store Manager, and Peru State Alumnus
Learn basic tools of Adobe Illustrator and how to create a one of a kind work of art off of your own selfie.

Teacher’s Target, Method, Match Workshop Description

Art of Cartooning
Led by Paul Fell, Nationally recognized Cartoonist and former Peru State Art Faculty
Learn the basics of designing cartoon characters and writing for a 3-4 panel comic strip.

Instructional Input will provide:
Project ideas for
–Using cartoons to give simple directions
–Creating images to illustrate descriptive words and clichés
–Illustrating fairy tales, legend, and poems/song lyrics
–Creating comics based on jokes or humorous quotes

Guided Practice will provide:
Demonstration and hands-on experience of basic cartooning and comic strip writing techniques
–Faces and facial expressions
–Basic geometric forms as a foundation for creating cartoon characters
–Showing motion, emotion, and exaggeration in cartoon
–Telling a comic strip story in 3-4 panels
–Using comic strip to give directions on how to do everyday tasks

Independent Practice will provide:
Sample lessons from the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists to spark interdisciplinary activities, projects, and discussions for your students.

Teachers, please note!
–Cartoon Workshop for Teachers will meet the State of Nebraska Fine Arts Standards.

–You will receive a certificate to document your completion of the Teachers’ Workshop.

Please ask your school if your participation will count as professional development credit for your portfolio/tenure.

Teacher’s Roundtable Description

In this teacher-lead networking session, share ideas on how best to address the State of Nebraska Fine Arts Standards, innovations in curriculum, and approaches to assessment.


Prospectus for Art Day Juried Exhibition

Submissions are welcome from all freshman – senior high school art students. Each student is allowed three submissions. Your art work may have been created either for a class or independently, but must have been completed during your high school career. All submissions are free. Click Here to Register
Each student is allowed up to three submissions (either 2D or 3D).

Categories include:

Graphic Design
3D (includes Sculpture and Ceramics)

If you wish to display your 2D or 3D work in the Peru State Art Gallery on Art Day, first indicate the title, medium and size in your registration and then bring the work with you on Art Day, Friday, March 22.

Please note! For your 2D or 3D submission to be included in the Art Day Juried Exhibition, it MUST fit the following criteria:

2D Work (Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Graphic Design, Photography)

–Matted with gray or black board –or—framed with glass/plexiglass
–No longer than 30” horizontally or vertically

3D Work (includes Sculpture and Ceramics)

–No larger than 24” in any direction

Include the following information on the back of 2D work or on 3D work:
First and last name
High school
Name of High school art teacher
High school art teacher’s email
Title of work
Year work was completed

Art Day Juried Exhibition Awards:

Grand Prize: 1/2 tuition covered for first year (approximately $3,200 Scholarship) for in-coming freshman art major/minor
2nd Place:
$2,000 Scholarship for in-coming freshman art major/minor
3rd Place:
$1,500 Scholarship for in-coming freshman art major/minor

Art Day Juror:

Paul Fell, Nationally recognized Cartoonist and former Peru State Art Faculty
Susan Moore, Peru State College Professor of Fine Art
Miranda Pollock, Peru State College Professor of Graphic Design
Please note! Students will collect their art work to take home after the Art Day Juried Exhibition Awards Ceremony.

Directions to Peru State College

From Omaha/Nebraska City:
Take US-75 S to NE-67 S (turn left)
Take NE-67 S to NE-64 G Spur (turn left)
Continue on Park Ave
Park in commuter/visitor lot across from Art building, AV Larson,
brick building just south of the Little Red School House