Why Study Art?

Students need to come to terms with exactly why they want to enter a specific career path or pursue a certain degree. There are many reasons and factors behind any decision. This is a decision that could affect the outcome of your entire life.

Those who pursue a degree in Art recognize the sacrifices they may have to make in order to do what they love. A bachelor's degree in Art (BA) can open doors to many exciting opportunities that students never thought possible. The degree itself takes a lot of hard work, networking, and creativity to obtain. Here are some reasons students should consider pursuing a BA degree:

1. Learning New Styles

It is a requirement of all students to learn about present and past artists, artistic styles and techniques. This helps improve a student's own artwork and exposes them to new styles.

2. Refining Skills

Throughout the time of your studies, students will come in contact with many professionals, workshops, and instructors. The valuable feedback students receive from these contacts will help improve personal skills. These contacts also give students the building blocks of establishing their own personal network of artists.

3. Enjoyment

Enjoyment is one of the most important reasons for pursuing a degree in Art. If a student chooses this path, it should be because they have a vision and are passionate about learning the arts. A student shouldn't choose a degree that they don't believe they will be happy with.

4. Creative Outlet

For students who are creative individuals, a BA degree will allow them to expand on this creativity. Students will get unique and valuable feedback from peers and instructors through art critiques. These critiques are pivotal in refining artistic reviews and dialogue.

5. Connections

Building connections is one of the biggest reasons people study for their BA. Peru State College has small art class sizes, which is beneficial for a number of reasons. This gives students valuable one on one time with instructors as well as pivotal social development with peers across varied mediums. Personal interactions provide students with key opportunities in various work studies, internships, and pivotal volunteer opportunities.

6. Specialization

Usually, the last two years of a student's degree are focused on one or two areas they wish to specialize in. This allows a student to claim on his/her resume that they are an expert in a specific specialization. Having a focus gives a student the chance to really stand out from other applicants.

7. Opportunity

Once a student obtains their BA degree the opportunities available are endless. Many industries such as education, arts & culture management, and the entertainment industry are looking for people with degrees.

Why Study Art at Peru State College?


Every student is required to take a series of prerequisite courses. These courses are: Drawing I & II, 3D Foundations, 2D Design and Introduction to Graphic Design. This provides insight into a broader range of art fields. Courses in the arts change each semester. Having graphic and fine art courses on rotation gives students access to a diverse range of specialties. Peru State College provides students access to private workshops and offer the chance to meet new artists.


Peru State College is equipped with cutting-edge software, providing students the opportunity to learn new technology. Students have access to free digital camera rentals.


Peru State College's art building is AV Larson (AVL) offers state-of-the-art facilities, including (but not limited to) a full ceramics lab, a woodworking and metalworking studio, and a painting studio with individual work stations and lockers. All studio spaces are available for students to work outside of class during building hours.


Student individuality is a trait that is encouraged by all professors. Every student learns the basics of the arts and its past, but professors want students to follow their own unique path. It is key for students to absorb materials and lessons through their own artistic filters. This provokes students to apply their perspectives throughout practices and projects.


The towns and cities in and around Peru, allow students to soak up a depth of culture.  Cultural enrichment is necessary for creative growth, both in the arts and in the exciting community events and festivals. Nearby museums and galleries provide excellent cultural influence.


Choosing what and where to study can be overwhelming, but potential students need to make sure their reasons behind pursuing a certain degree are good ones. Some people will argue that a degree in the Arts will mean nothing unless you are pursuing teaching (if you are curious about what type of jobs you can get with an Art degree click here ).

The unique opportunities provided to students who receive a BA degree should not be overlooked. Many work closely with a professor in a specialized study that often leads to a career or apprenticeship that they wouldn't have been offered otherwise. Students should review their reasoning behind why they want to obtain their art degree and should truly consider studying art. A student's schooling experience should not only be memorable, but also something they love to do every day.