Course Descriptions:

BUS 390 | Project Management (3 credit hours)
This course focuses on concepts, strategies and software associated with project management and the use of project management in the organizational environment.
Component: Lecture

CMIS 101 | Information Systems Concepts and Applications (3 credit hours)
This course is an introduction to basic computer concepts and Windows-based spreadsheet, database, and presentation graphics software currently used in industry. Development of problem-solving and proficiency using selected commercial software packages is stressed.
Component: Lecture

CMIS 300 | Information Systems Management (3 credit hours)
This course introduces concepts of systems management from a business viewpoint and an information systems viewpoint. Students utilize graphical tools including flowcharts to examine business and information systems processes. Fundamental programming concepts are introduced including algorithms, data types, control structures and Boolean logic. An overview of project management including critical path and dependencies is introduced.
Component: Lecture

CMIS 310 | Network Administration and Implementation (3 credit hours)
This course covers the fundamental principles of data communication and connectivity. Topics include network and protocol architectures, communications media and hardware, networking analysis, and management of network systems. Other areas of study include wireless and mobile networks. Network security is addressed.
Component: Lecture

CMIS 360 | Cyber Security (3 credit hours)
Fundamentals of information security are addressed. Current issues as well as historical incidents will be examined to assess vulnerabilities and provide solutions and countermeasures. Topics include identification and authentication, access control, security models, and operating system integrity. Security is considered from macro and micro scales and from virtual to physical intrusions. Costs, potential liabilities, and other issues with data leakage are explored. This course is designed so students of any major with an interest in Cyber Security may take the course.
Component: Lecture
Prerequisite required: CMIS 101

CMIS 410 |Web Page Development and Programming (3 credit hours)
This course facilitates the development of skills in designing complex web sites. Current issues and design trends are considered as well as the fundamentals of web servers and browsers, and HTML and XHTML. Client side and server side programming and database connectivity over a web-based connection are explored. Web security and evaluation procedures for websites are covered.
Component: Lecture

CMIS 420 | Database Development and Programming (3 credit hours)
This course is a study of the methods used to store and access data. Database models are developed using various software platforms including the usage of Microsoft Access as a RAD (Rapid Application Development) tool. Other topics include a data security, normalization, and database design for Internet interaction.
Component: Lecture