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The goal of the Intramural Program is to provide an opportunity for each person at Peru State to participate in their favorite type of competitive sports or activities. 


There are many advantages to the program including:


- An opportunity to maintain better health through exercise. With the pressure of world problems and modern living requirements, it is important that the individual take time out periodically for recreational pursuits in order to help maintain a healthful mental equilibruim.


- An opportunity to make social contacts and friendships which could not readily be developed in the classroom.


- An opportunity to learn the important values developed through team spirit, cooperation, and experience; the satisfaction of belonging to a group.


- An opportunity for relaxition from strenuous school work and the rapid pace of
modern living.


- An opportunity to develop sportsmanship of the highest order. Everything that sportsmanship implies should be developed on the playing fields of Peru State.


- The opportunity for every individual, regardless of ability, to realize the joy and fun of participation in their favorite sport against good competition.


- An opportunity for each individual to develop sport skills usable in later life.


Health & Physical Examinations

The Intramural Department cannot assume responsibility for injury incurred

during participation in any of the scheduled activities and sports.




Questions, comments or concerns? Please contact:

Coordinator of Student Programs (402)872-2252








1. To be able to participate in the intramural program at Peru State, a person must be enrolled as either an undergraduate or graduate student, and/or be a current Faculty or Staff member.


2. Students must be prepared to furnish a Peru State I.D. card upon request.


3. Student suspended from school for academic or other reasons will be ineligible.


4. Students may not participate on more than one team in the same activity.


5. Use of an ineligible player, will be cause for immediate suspension of both the team and/or individual for the duration of the activity.


6. Teams may not have more than one Peru State College Varsity athlete on their roster in that athletes sport of participation. This includes red-shirts. A Peru State College Varisty athlete is considered to be anyone who has played Peru State Collegiate sports within the past 4 years.




1. Fighting will not be allowed, players will be barred from ALL intramural activities for the school year. NO EXCEPTIONS.


2. Any act that is considered disrespectful, vulgar, or unsportsmanlike, will also cause the person to be ineligible for intramural activities for the rest of the school year. Determination of penalties will be made by the Student Activities Coordinator.


3. Participants shall not use obscene or offensive language. A warning will be issued, after one warning the player will be ejected. AN EJECTION WILL CAUSE THE PLAYER TO BE SUSPENDED FOR THE REMAINDER OF THE ACTIVITY.


4. ANY EJECTION OF A PLAYER WILL RESULT IN THE SUSPENSION OF THE PLAYER FOR THE DURATION OF THE SCHOOL YEAR. A written appeal must be made to the Student Activities Coordinator for consideration of reinstatement.


5. Consumption of alcohol prior to, or during a game by either a player, coach or fan will result in suspension from activities for the duration of the school year.






1. Participants must take care of the equipment and facilities. Failure to maintain equipment will result in individuals being charged for damages.


2. Spectators and children must conduct themselves properly while in attendance. Please supervise your children.




1. Protesting of any judgement call or rules interpretation will NOT BE ALLOWED.


2. A protest will be allowed for the use of an ineligible player, if done PRIOR to the start of the contest. The protest will be reviewed and a decision made within 24hrs. If the protest is upheld, the player and team, will be suspended for the duration of the activity.


3. There will be a $10.00 fee for filing a protest. The protest must be made in writing and signed by the team captain. Forms may be found in the Intramural Office and also in the online forms bank. The $10.00 will be refunded if the protest is upheld.


4. To be eligible for any post season tournament, a player must have played in at least one other contest.


5. For specific tournament events, a player must have played in at least one game before the championship game.


6. Postponments will be made at least 1 hour before the first scheduled contest of the evening, if possible.


7. Postponments will be posted on the Intramurals web page if possible. Please call the Student Activities Coordinator @ (402)872-2252 or check the Intramurals Office if unsure.


8. Rosters must be turned in with the team registration on the designated date. A signed disclaimer form should also be included for each person included on the roster. This form can be found in the Intramurals Office and also in the online forms bank.


9. Registration must be done within the designated time period, which will end at 5:00pm of the final day.


10. GAME TIME IS FORFEIT TIME. If a coin toss is needed, captains must be ready 15 minutes ahead of the scheduled game time. When non coin flip is needed, players must be ready 10 minutes before game time.




1. Neither Peru State College, the Student Activities Coordinator, or any member of their staff are to be held responsible for any injuries sustained by the participants. Individuals participate in intramurals and related activities at their own risk. EVERY PARTICIPANT WILL BE REQUIRED TO sign a waiver form before they are allowed to engage in intramural activities.


2. The intramural staff will not be responsible for any loss of personal property during participation in any event.




4. For more information, call (402)872-2252 or email