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The office of Campus Services includes the following departments: Custodial, Grounds, Maintenance and Mail Room. These departments are responsible for all facilities and the environment including new construction and renovation on campus, maintenance and repair of facilities, daily cleaning of all campus buildings, maintenance of the College’s landscaped areas and  athletic fields, care and allocation of the school’s vehicles and daily distribution of the student and campus mail.

Our mission is to serve the college community through excellence in facilities management, service advancement and environmental stewardship. We will accomplish this by aligning our goals with those of the College at-large and by implementing “best practices” to provide a healthy, safe and engaging atmosphere that supports the diverse needs of the college community while ensuring fiscal feasibility.


The new MAX-R customized trash and recycling bins for Delzell hall have arrived!

For the last several months, Campus Services has been working with a representative from MAX-R to create trash and recycling bins that coordinate with the updates to Delzell hall. From concept to conclusion, MAX-R has worked closely with us to ensure quality and, as stated on their website, “maintaining our facility’s unique aesthetics and standards”.

Why choose MAX-R? Why not another company? Simply put, MAX-R is a company that aligns with our quest for sustainability. For seventeen years, they have worked to change the culture of recycling and build long lasting products in the United States. Located in Sussex, WI, MAX-R’s manufacturing facility is powered 100% by renewable energy.

The material that MAX-R uses for their “lumber” is made from 97% post-consumer HDPE….milk jugs! This material is the purest grade of recycled plastic available and is infused with premium grade resins and UV inhibitors to prevent color fade from sun exposure. Best of all, the lumber does not absorb moisture. This means that the bins are resistant to mold and rotting.

Each MAX-R unit “reclaims and re-purposes approximately 1,000 milk jugs from landfill”. Each bin has its own unique number telling exactly how many jugs were recycled to make it. Not only are the bins made from recycled material, the bins themselves can be recycled! We’re going green!

Five of the new bins will be inside Delzell. These bins will be located in the elevator alcoves, one in the Game Room and one across from the HD office. These are outfitted with a header where announcements can be placed by the Hall Director.

The colors of the bins coordinate with the new colors in Delzell and will compliment the décor.

The bins have easily removable receptacles to make trash and recycling pickup trouble-free.

The badges tell how many milk jugs were used to create the bins.

Two of the new bins will be placed outside Delzell. One by the north entrance and the other by the south entrance.

Approximately 7,810 milk jugs were used to create the seven bins purchased for Delzell!


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