Meeting Dates:

Thursday  –  11:00 a.m.  –  Faculty Center


“The Faculty Senate is the body at Peru State College to provide primary counsel on all academic matters. Thus, the Faculty Senate shall concern itself with any and all policies governing academic matters such as admission requirements, degree requirements, teaching assignments and course schedules, courses and curricula, faculty committee structure and authority, academic standards for students and for the institution, and evaluation of the educational program. Any proposed change in academic policy from any source within the College shall come to the Faculty Senate for its review and recommendation to the College President for approval . . .” (from Faculty Senate Constitution; consult therein for details).



Committee Composition:

Chair of Faculty Senate
Chair-elect of Faculty Senate
Arts and Sciences:
Professional Studies:

Student Representatives:
ex officio:

(1 year term)
(1 year term, will assume chair)
1 member (2 year term, elected in even years)
1 member (2 year term, elected in odd years)
1 member (2 year term, elected in even years)
1 member (2 year term, elected in odd years)
1 member (1 year term; from Arts and Sciences in odd years, from Education every 4 years beginning in 2004, from Professional Studies every 4 years beginning in 2002)
2 members, elected by Student Senate (non-voting)

Membership 2017-2018 Academic Year and Contact Information:

Mary Goebel-Lundholm, Chair TJM 241 402-872-2206
Dennis Welsh, Chair-Elect Hoyt 123 402-872-2208
Ronicka Schottel, At Large TJM 316 402-872-2308
Mike Barger (SAS) Hoyt 311 402-872-2326
Gul Ahmad (SAS) Hoyt 208 402-872-2269
Kelli Gardner (SPS) TJM 236 402-872-2387
Kelly Kingsley (SOE) TJM 214 402-872-2449
Tim Borchers, VPAA ex officio ADM 304 402-872-2222



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