1) If you are a PSC student visiting a residence hall, you are NOT considered a visitor and should utilize the overflow parking areas.
2) Open parking for all valid PSC permit holders is available only in Faculty/Staff, Commuter and the Avenue Parking lot from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.  However, the AWAC East lot hours are 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.  

The following are the official Peru State College Parking and Traffic Regulations as of August 1. Parking on any part of the campus of Peru State College (PSC) is not a right; it is a privilege, available only as provided by these regulations.
The Peru State College code of regulations for the registration, operation, possession, and use of motor vehicles by PSC students, employees, and visitors is based upon authority vested in the campus administration by the Board of Trustees of the State Colleges of Nebraska. Fines for violations of campus parking regulations may be assessed in amounts established by the campus and approved by the governing board.
PSC parking facilities, except where designated in these regulations, require a valid PSC parking permit. Faculty/Staff and Students parking a vehicle on PSC property must register through the Business Office. These regulations shall take precedence over any markings or signage throughout the PSC campus, unless notification is made through the Security Supervisor.

“Committee”- shall refer to the appeals committee
“Commuter”- shall include all students who do not reside in the residence halls
“Employee”- shall include any faculty/staff member
“Student”- shall mean any person enrolled at PSC, for any course of study
“VISITOR”- shall mean any person (other than STUDENT, EMPLOYEE, or VENDOR) who occasionally visit PSC campus. 

1) GENERAL PROVISIONS a) Anyone operating a vehicle on PSC parking lots, drives or roadways must be in possession of a valid driver’s license.
b) Any vehicle operated on PSC parking lots, drives or roadways must be properly registered and licensed by the State of Nebraska or the State from which it came.
c) The applicable portion of these regulations shall form a part of the contract of employment of every employee of PSC and the portion applicable to students, shall become a part of the established regulations of PSC, which govern every student.
d) Counterfeiting or willful alteration of any registration certificate or parking permit, except in those cases where the same has been canceled or is no longer to be used as such, shall be a violation of these regulations.
e) Report all lost or stolen permits to the Business Office immediately for replacement.
f) The President, Vice President of Administration & Finance and the Campus Security of PSC are authorized to have impounded or remove any motor vehicle illegally or improperly parked on grounds of PSC, and the owner thereof shall pay all towing and storage charges as a result of the impoundment of the motor vehicle. Neither Peru State College nor the Security Department assumes liability when vehicles are towed.
g) The college assumes no liability for vehicles operated or parked on campus. The college assumes no responsibility for damage to or theft of vehicles or contents thereof while operated or parked on college property.

2) PARKING LOTS AND PARKING PERMITS a) PSC shall endeavor to provide, insofar as practicable, on-campus parking facilities; maintained for the exclusive use of PSC employees, students and visitors.
b) Parking permits for a designated lot shall be issued to qualified employees and students of PSC upon payment of the required fee.
c) Parking areas for visitors are so designated. All visitors to campus must obtain a “Visitors Permit” from the Business Office or a ticket will be issued.
d) Parking is prohibited on the north side of Hoyt Street.

3) REGISTRATION OF MOTOR VEHICLES a) All motor vehicles, including motorcycles, motor scooters, etc., operated or possessed on campus by students and employees of PSC must be registered at the Business Office.
b) Any vehicle brought to the PSC campus at any time during the year must be registered immediately.
c) Registration of more than one vehicle for no additional fee is allowed if only one vehicle is on campus at any given time.
d) Vehicles are registered at the Business Office by presentation of a copy of your state vehicle registration, a copy of your valid driver’s license, and payment of a $20.00 permit fee. PSC reserves the right to change the permit fee without prior notice.
e) A student or employee may not register a vehicle that is titled in the name of another student or employee.
f) Students and employees will assume responsibility for the registration and parking of their vehicles and all family vehicles, and all violations incurred on such vehicles, whether or not they are in direct control of the vehicle at the time of the violation. The student and/or employee will be required to pay any fine assessed.
g) In the case of motorcycles, motor scooters or mopeds, a registration certificate shall be issued and shall be affixed immediately in a prominent place on said vehicle to be considered a registered vehicle.
h) When a student and/or employee has a motor vehicle registered, but acquires or uses a different vehicle or license plate, they shall be required to notify the Business Office the first day on campus.
i) Registration certificates and parking permits shall be valid from August 1 through July 31 each year.
j) It shall be the duty of every student and/or employee receiving such registration certificate to remove the same if the title or possession of motor vehicle is transferred.

4) PARKING PERMITS a) All previous parking tickets and associated fines and penalties must be paid in full, before a permit is issued.
b) A parking permit shall be issued to each student or employee registering a motor vehicle, which shall immediately be hung from the rearview mirror or the immediate vicinity thereof. Permit numbers must be facing the windshield, unobscured at all times that the vehicle is on the PSC campus.
c) Whenever there is a change of motor vehicles or ownership or residence that would affect the parking area designation, the old permit must be turned in to the Business Office and a new permit will be issued at no additional charge.
d) No motor vehicle may be parked on designated areas or property of PSC unless a parking permit has been purchased and is affixed on such motor vehicle.
e) Parking areas will be enforced 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.
f) The responsibility of finding legal parking spaces rests with the vehicle operator. Lack of space will not be considered a valid excuse for violations of these regulations.
g) A parking permit issued to one student or employee who operates two or more properly registered vehicles shall apply to all motor vehicles so operated. Such student or employee shall have only one vehicle in the designated lot at one time. The owner of the parking permit may transfer their parking permit to any vehicle they have registered. ONLY the person to whom it is issued and ONLY on the vehicle(s) registered may use a parking permit.
h) A parking permit or certificate of registration may be revoked or reassigned to another parking lot. Hours and days, or restricted permit parking on any parking lot may be altered.
i) Specific parking stalls are reserved in some lots for the use of handicapped or disabled persons. The stalls are marked by signs and painted blue and white. In order to utilize these spaces, a State issued handicap license plate or hang tag and appropriate PSC parking permit must be displayed on the vehicle. Handicapped parking spaces are enforced 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.
j) If a student or employee must drive another vehicle to campus and does not transfer their parking permit, they must contact the Business Office immediately.
k) In order to terminate a parking permit, a student and/or employee must notify the Business Office in person and return the permit. No refunds for parking permits will be given.


Parking is prohibited in the following areas and manner:
a) Parked on any part of the campus or lawns of PSC, which is not designated for parking purposes, either temporarily or as a permanent parking lot. Parking and/or driving is prohibited at all times on grass plots or any other or any other place where such activity would mar campus landscaping or interfere with the use of Peru State College facilities.
b) Parked in any driveway of PSC, or parked so as to impede the free use of a driveway.
c) Parked so as to use more than one parking space.
d) Parked in a parking lot other than that for which the vehicle is authorized.
e) Parked in a space reserved specifically for visitors.
f) Parked in any parking lot that is temporarily reserved if not permitted under temporary regulations.
g) At no time shall a motorcycle, motor scooter or moped be operated on the sidewalks or lawns of PSC. Vehicles using gasoline or other flammable fuel are considered a hazard when so parked and shall be issued a PSC violation notification and be removed from the area. All such vehicles are subject to the Parking & Traffic regulations.

6) VIOLATION OF PARKING AND TRAFFIC REGULATIONS a) Notice of a violation of Parking and Traffic regulations shall be given in the following manner: The original notice shall be affixed to the vehicle or sent by first-class mail to the address shown on the records of PSC. The disappearance of a parking violation from a vehicle does not relieve the violator from responsibility.  A notice will be sent out to the college email account of the registered permit holder as well as a hold placed onto the MyPSC account.
b) It shall be the duty of an employee or student receiving notice that they have violated a Parking or Traffic regulation to pay the fee within 14 calendar days or report to the Business Office and file a written or electronic appeal to the assessment of said fee.  Refer to the Appeals Tab on the Security Page of the college website for more details on the Appeals Process. The violation notice must be attached to the appeal form before the committee will consider the appeal. Appeals are given a hearing by the appeals committee. If the decision is to the dissatisfaction of the student or employee, a personal hearing will be scheduled with the committee. Appeals must state fully, but concisely, the grounds upon which the appeal is based. Perjury will subject violators to disciplinary action. The committee’s decision is final.If the employee or student does not appear and file an appeal thereto or pay the fee within 14 calendar days, a $35.00 penalty fee will be assessed. On and/or after the 15th calendar day, the appeal will not be accepted and the violation and penalty fee must be paid in full.

7) DESIGNATED PARKING AREAS a) Please refer to the color map for Designated Parking and Restricted Areas.

 a) PSC has the authority to remove or immobilize any vehicle that is improperly parked, or is deemed a common nuisance. All costs of such removal will be the responsibility of the owner/operator.
b) Vehicle Immobilization (Wheel Lock)
i) Individuals who have two or more violation notices that are delinquent and park on campus, may have their vehicle immobilized until all outstanding penalties and fees are paid.

Immobilized vehicles may be towed and held until all outstanding penalties, fees, tow charges and storage fees are paid.

ii) The wheel lock may also be used under the following circumstances: When a vehicle is parked on campus and does not display current license plates or In-Transit tag is affixed and does not show the name and address of the current owner.
iii) The fee for removal of the wheel lock device is $65 plus all past parking violation fines.

c) A vehicle may be towed WITHOUT FURTHER NOTICE when parked in:
(1) Handicapped spaces or blocking handicapped access.
(2) Driveways or impeding traffic flow.
(3) No-Parking areas.
(4) Tow-away zones.
(5) When deemed a common nuisance.
(6) Loading and unloading zones.
(7) Faculty and Staff parking areas when not displaying a valid Faculty/Staff parking permit.
(8) All student parking areas when not displaying a valid student parking permit.
(9) Reserved parking.
(10) Vehicles that have been immobilized because of delinquent violation notices, or when immobilization is mechanically impractical.


No valid permit $20.00
Failure to park in designated areas $20.00
Parking in Handicap without permit $50.00
Blocking driveways/parking spaces $30.00
Failure to display permit properly $10.00
Parking in fire lane or by fire hydrant $40.00
Altering or counterfeit permit $40.00
Unauthorized tampering with wheel locks $40.00
Parking in service truck/emergency vehicle only $30.00
Late payment penalty $35.00
Other not to exceed $40.00