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Early Arrival Information


Early Arrival Request Form


Early Arrivals will generally be approved for the following reasons:


Siblings of Students Sponsored for Early Arrival – Students whose siblings are approved to be on campus early may request an early arrival for the same day as their sibling. The charge for these students will be $25/night*.


Long-Distance Drive – Students coming from a distance that requires significant travel may report a day earlier to allow sufficient time to make the trip to and from the College. A general guideline is anything over a five-hour, one-way trip (over 300 miles). The charge for these students is $25/night*.


Student Teaching/Athletic Training– Students who are required to return for student teaching/athletic training in the local school districts as part of a class requirement. A professor's approval is needed for these students to return early. The charge for these students is $25/night*.


Student accounts are billed automatically.


*Fee subject to change


Early Arrivals will NOT be approved for an early arrival for the following reasons:


Leaving an apartment – Students who are renting or subleasing off-campus apartments in the summer need to be aware of when the lease agreement ends. Students will not be allowed to move onto campus until the appropriate move-in date, regardless of renting status off-campus. It is the responsibility of the student to make plans concerning living arrangements and belongings until the appropriate move-in date.


Local, Non-Campus Responsibilities – Students will not be allowed to return to campus early to pursue off-campus jobs or volunteer duties that would bring them back early. It is the student’s responsibility to make plans concerning living arrangements prior to the move-in date.


Personal Belongings – Students may not move in personal belongings prior to check-in.


Roommates on Campus Early – Students whose roommates are approved to be on campus early may not move in with the roommate, then check in on move-in day. If it is determined that an unauthorized student lives in a residence hall prior to the move-in date, the student will be charged an improper check-in/check-out fee of $150.00*.


*Fee subject to change by NSCS


General Early Arrival Information


Students who need to make an early arrival request must complete the Early Arrival Form. The deadline for making a request is the last Friday in July.  


Students arriving without approval - Students should not arrive on campus without approval. The Residence Life Office will not distribute keys or open doors for students who arrive on campus without approval or fail to check in during the scheduled check-in hours. 


Check-In Times - Specific check-in times are listed below. 

If a student cannot arrive during one of the established times he/she may contact the Office of Residence Life & Housing ( or 402.872.2246) at least 24 business hours ahead of his/her arrival and a key will be left with the Security Office for the student.  If a student arrives outside of these established times without prior arrangements he/she will need to wait until the scheduled check-in times and/or find a hotel/motel for the night.


All early arrivals must check-in between the hours of:

Monday - Friday - 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. All check-ins will occur in the Residence Life Office located in the Student Center.



Students will be provided meals as part of the $25* early arrival fee.

Meal Times:**

Breakfast: 7:30-8:30

Lunch: 11:00-1:00

Dinner: 4:00-6:00


*Fee subject to change

**Time subject varies



Faculty & Staff


Information for Faculty & Staff sponsoring a student as an early arrival:


Supervisors and advisors are asked to bring students back at the latest possible date to allow maximum time for staff to prepare for their arrival.


To sponsor students for an early arrival please e-mail names, date of arrival and reason for early arrival to  The early arrival form is not required if a faculty/staff member is sponsoring the early arrival. Please submit early arrivals by the last Friday in July. There is a $25/day fee* for an early arrival that will be billed directly to the department requesting the early arrival. Faculty/Staff can pass this charge on to the students or pay the fee from respective departmental budget(s).


Sponsors are responsible to let students know established check-in times. 


*Fee subject to change.