A message from Adam…

December 4, 2017

Hello Students,

Winter Break is just around the corner! As you are preparing for your departure for break, please note the following information that you need to know:

The following students MUST CHECK OUT with an RA before leaving for break:

  1. If you are not-returning to Peru in Spring
  2. If you are approved to make a room change BEFORE break (those making changes will be notified next week)

The following students do NOT need to check out with an RA to leave for break:

  1. If you are returning to the same room next semester
  2. If you are approved to make a room change AFTER break (those making changes will be notified next week)

Maintenance will be entering your room over the break to do the following:

  • Air Conditioner/Heater air filter changes
  • Preventative bug spraying. The sprayer will use a general insecticide called suspend sc. It is a common product that is used in hospitals, daycares, and restaurants. If overspray should touch any items it would not damage them at all, and they would still be safe to the touch. We ask that you move your furniture at least 12 inches from the walls in your room to make the spraying easier and more effective. If you do not want your room sprayed, please let us know.

The Residence Halls Close at 5:00pm on Friday, December 15 and reopen at 9:00am on Sunday, January 7.

TO-DO Before You Leave

  • Close and Lock Windows
  • Take Out Garbage – TO THE DUMPSTER FOLKS!
  • Unplug Items – (If you don’t defrost your fridge, you are going to have a bad time)
  • Move Your Furniture at Least 12 Inches From the Wall (pro-active bug prevention spraying)

Thank you for the great semester!

See you in January!

~Adam Neveau, Director of Residence Life