This program will endorse an individual to teach Special Education (Mild/Moderate Disabled) in grades Kindergarten through twelve (12).

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Learning Outcomes

  1. Content Area Studies–Teacher education candidates develop content area expertise teacher candidates will have a broad knowledge in the field or subject in which they choose to specialize.
  2. Pedagogical Studies–Teacher education candidates develop pedagogical content knowledge, teacher candidates will demonstrate a repertoire of methods that make content knowledge easily understood and relevant by a variety of learners
  3. Professional Disposition & Integrity—Teacher education candidates develop professional dispositions, character, skills and traits appropriate for the teaching profession. The candidates demonstrate professionalism, dependability, social maturity, a cooperative attitude, enthusiasm, initiative, and confidentiality, especially as it relates to student information.  
  4. Professional Development—Teacher education candidates recognize what is involved in being a lifelong educator, establish their own professional identities, and effectively collaborate within the learning community.

Program Faculty

Dr. Felicity Balluch
Assistant Professor
TJM 303
Candy Blecha
Instructor of Education
TJM 211

Core Classes:

EDUC 208 Teacher Education Principles & Practicum
EDUC 209 Teacher Education Orientation
EDUC 255 Differentiated Instruction for the Diverse Learner
EDUC 300 Managing the Learning Environment for Effective Teaching*
EDUC 315 Educational Technology*
EDUC 317 Assessment for Student Learning*
EDUC 400 Professional and Collaborative Practices*
EDUC 420 Student Teaching Seminar*
SPED 200 Introduction to Special Education
SPED 435 Special Education Student Teaching*

General Studies Requirements:

PSYC 250 Human Growth & Development

Requirements for Special Education K-12 Option:

EDUC 334 Teaching Reading in Elementary School*
EDUC 365 Child Abuse & Neglect Detection
EDUC 403 Diagnostic and Remedial Reading*
EDUC 405 Diagnostic and Remedial Math*
EDUC 430 Integrated Curriculum for the Elementary Environment*
EDUC 438 Professional Collaboration with Parents & Families*
SPED 300 Assessment in Special Education*
SPED 307 Practicum in Special Education*
SPED 353 Speech Correction & Development*
SPED 383 Education of Students with Autism & Low Incidence Disabilities
SPED 385 Education of Students with Cognitive Disabilities*
SPED 393 The Special Education Process from Referral to Post-Graduation*
SPED 407 Special Education Coordination Practicum*
SPED 420 Differentiating Assessment Practices in an Inclusive Setting*
SPED 430 Methods in Special Education Program Management*
SPED 440 Behavior Management*
SPED 450 Coordination of Special Education Programs*
SPED 460 Transitional Strategies*
SPED 465 Education of Students with Emotional/Behavioral Disorders*

*indicates restricted course

Professional Organizations:

 PSEA – Peru Student Education Association
KDP – Kappa Delta Pi
CEC – Council for Exceptional Children