The mathematics program strives to fulfill Peru State College’s mission of education, research and public service through three objectives. First, the program is to provide general mathematics courses in support of the majors and programs provided by Peru State College. Second, the program is to provide mathematics courses necessary for students who pursue teaching careers in mathematics. Finally, the program is to prepare students for work in industry or to pursue graduate work in mathematics and statistics.

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Program Options

The Mathematics Major has two options, a Mathematics option and a Mathematics Education option (field endorsement). If the Mathematics Education option is chosen, attention must be given to the additional course work requirements for entrance into the Secondary Teacher Education program and to the professional semester. Mathematics is a field endorsement in the Teacher Education program.

Learning Outcomes

  1. The student will have ability to read mathematics with understanding as well as the ability to communicate mathematical ideas with clarity and coherence through writing and speaking; 

  2. The student will be able to formulate a logical argument and construct asimple proof; 

  3. The student will maintain and develop a proficiency in algebra, calculus, geometry, statistics and higher mathematics; 

  4. The student will be able to apply their knowledge and critical thinking through exploration, conjecture, and generalization in mathematics and statistics; 

  5. The student will be able to use computer technology to support problem solving and to promote understanding of mathematical ideas. 


Dr. Laura McCauley
Assistant Professor
Jindra 140
Ken Myers
Instructor of Math
Jindra 142