The Art Department of Peru State College is centered in the A.V. Larson building on the south edge of the college campus. The facilities include studios for design, drawing, painting, printmaking, pottery and sculpture. All studios are well-equipped with furnishings, tools, and equipment. The printmaking studio has a new Whelan press and is equipped for non-toxic printmaking processes. The sculpture studio is equipped to work with nearly any material with welders, lathes, saws, sand blaster, foundry and more. A twenty-station computer lab is dedicated to the courses in graphic design.

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Dr. Timothy Borchers

Office of Admissions
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Program Options

The Art Program has three options available to students that permit them to follow the most appropriate direction, based upon their interest. The Teaching Option is for the student seeking certification to teach art in the public schools. The Fine Arts Option is for the student who intends to continue on to graduate school, or find a career in art aside from public school teaching. The Graphic Design Option is for the student who wants to be a creative in the design industry.


John Gardner, MFA
Assistant Professor
AV Larson 129
Sheli Petersen, MFA
Assistant Professor
AV Larson 021