The Department of English supports the college’s mission through course offerings and faculty efforts by uniting education, research, and public service. In addition to pursuing individual research and taking part in public-service related activities, faculty members endeavor to fulfill the department’s role of providing the requisite course work leading to baccalaureate (BS/BA) degrees and teaching endorsements in both Language Arts and English. The department also supports the institution’s emphasis on life-long learning through its significant contribution to the college’s general studies requirements. The department’s primary mission is to ensure that its graduates possess the knowledge and skills necessary to become productive educators. As a secondary mission, the English faculty seeks both to prepare students to enter graduate study in English or other fields, such as journalism or law, in which expertise in English studies is accepted as a prerequisite, and to graduate productive non-teaching professionals who pursue areas of interest other than English.

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Program Options

The English and Language Arts Program Program has many options available to students that permit them to follow the most appropriate direction, based upon their interest: English (Language Arts), English Teaching, Secondary English Teaching, and Liberal Arts.


Dr. Jeff Alessandrelli
Assistant Professor
Jindra 135
Dr. Bill Clemente
Jindra 137
Dr. Michelle Lee
Assistant Professor
Jindra 138
Laura Lippman, MFA
Assistant Professor
Jindra 134
Kristi Nies
Assistant Professor
Jindra 139