The Criminal Justice major is an interdisciplinary social science curriculum that is focused on the development of practical skills and knowledge for professional careers in the justice field. Students’ studies focus on law enforcement, corrections, courts, juvenile justice, criminology, victimology, and research methods to study crime, criminal and abnormal behavior, and society’s response to these dynamics. Criminal Justice majors are encouraged to take Spanish in their general studies program.

Contact Information

Greg Galardi, D.B.A

Office of Admissions
1-800-742-4412 option 1
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Program Faculty

Dr. Amber Mahan
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice
Danny Hayes, MFS
Instructor of Criminal Justice
Ronicka Schottel, MSCJ, MPA
Instructor of Criminal Justice

Core Classes:

CJUS 110 Survey of Criminal Justice
CJUS 220 Introduction to Corrections
CJUS 230 Policing
CJUS 308 Community-Based Corrections
CJUS 330 Research Methods
CJUS 340 Criminal Procedures & the Courts
CJUS 360 Criminology
CJUS 385 Victimology
CJUS 401 Homeland Security
CJUS 410 Juvenile Delinquency
CJUS 495 Seminar in Criminal Justice

Required Program Prerequisites:

CMIS 101 Information Systems Concepts and Applications
PSYC 121 Introduction to Psychology
SOC 201 Principles of Sociology

Requirements for Criminal Justice Administration Option (Select 8):

Requirements for Criminal Justice Administration Option (Select 8)

BUS 201 Organizational Communications
BUS 251 Legal Environment and Contract Law
BUS 313 Loss Prevention
BUS 353 Organizational Ethics
BUS 373 Organizational Behavior
BUS 380 Human Resources Management
BUS 381 Employee Training and Development
BUS 414 Supervisory Skills and Practices
BUS 493 Leadership of Teams and Organizations
CJUS 190 Criminal Law
CJUS 441 Criminal Justice Internship
CJUS 442 Criminal Justice Internship
CJUS 450 Criminalistics
CJUS 455 Organization and Administration of Justice
CJUS 490 Comparative Justice and Human Services Systems
CJUS 491 International Field Experience
CJUS 498 Special Topics in Criminal Justice
CMIS 300 Information Systems Management
CMIS 360 Cyber Security
CMIS 410 Web Page Development and Programming
CMIS 420 Database Development and Programming
EDUC 365 Child Abuse & Neglect Detection
HP 301 Analysis of Evil I
HP 302 Analysis of Evil II
PSYC 420 Social Influence, Compliance, & Obedience
SOC 255 Diversity Issues in the United States
SOC 300 Contemporary Social Problems
SOC 340 The Family
SOWK 410 Addictions


Police Officer
Correctional Officer
Correctional Treatment Specialist
Court Clerk
Crime Lab Analyst
Crime Scene Investigator
Fire Investigator

Professional Organizations:

National Criminal Justice Association
American Criminal Justice Association
American Correctional Association
International Association of Women Police
American Society of Criminology
Forum on the Advancement of Court Technology
National Association of Attorneys General
National Sheriffs’ Association