The Marketing option prepares graduates for a wide variety of high-demand careers in marketing and sales. Given the strategy development focus and case-oriented instructional approaches used in many of the marketing courses, this option is a particularly good preparation for students eventually intending to pursue the Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree. Marketing students are also encouraged to develop graphic design and other creative skills by earning a Graphic Design minor. See an advisor in the Art program for more details.

Contact Information

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Office of Admissions
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Program Faculty

Dr. Mary Goebel-Lundholm
Professor of Business
Dr. Judy Grotrian
Professor of Business
Dr. Sheri Grotrian-Ryan
Associate Professor of Business
Christy Hutchison, JD
Professor of Business
Dr. Alan Jackson
Assistant Professor of Business
John Tiner, EdS
Assistant Professor of Business

Core Classes:

BUS 214 Introduction to Business Quantitative Methods
BUS 231 Principles of Financial Accounting
BUS 232 Principles of Managerial Accounting
BUS 251 Legal Environment and Contract Law
BUS 328 Principles of Marketing
BUS 335 Production/Operations Management
BUS 339 Business Finance
BUS 373 Organizational Behavior
BUS 480 International Business
BUS 495 Business Policy
CMIS 300 Information Systems Management

Requirements for Marketing Option:

BUS 329 Promotion
BUS 336 Marketing Research
BUS 347 Consumer Behavior
BUS 348 Retail Management and Merchandising
BUS 350 Professional Selling
BUS 355 E-Marketing
BUS 491 Strategic Marketing Management
CMIS 410 Web Page Development and Programming

General Studies Requirements:

CMIS 101 Information Systems Concepts and Applications
BUS 201 Organizational Communications
ECON 221 Principles of Microeconomics
ECON 222 Principles of Macroeconomics
MATH 112 College Algebra
STAT 210 Statistics


Marketing Manager
Product Manager
Sales Manager
Advertising Manager
Online Retailing
Advertising Manager

Professional Organizations:

American Marketing Association
eMarketing Association
The National Association of Sales Professionals
Sales and Marketing Executives International
Society for Marketing Professional Services