Business Administration | Computer Management Information Systems

 The Computer and Management Information Systems (CMIS) option prepares students for employment in the development and use of computer-based systems that generate timely and accurate information used for managing an organization. Though a particularly rigorous field of study, the financial rewards from completing a CMIS option can be particularly high, given the student acquires not only technical computer skills, but also a detailed understanding of the language, processes, and issues of the business world.

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Learning Outcomes

  1. Impact of the competitive, economic, legal, political, and social environments on organizations;
  2. Concepts, processes, and institutions involved in the production and marketing of goods and services;
  3. Means and consequences associated with alternative approaches to financing organization;
  4. Methods of accounting and quantitative analysis;
  5. Role and utility of current application software and corporate information systems
  6. Principles of organizational theory, behavior, and communications;
  7. Corporate planning process as well as approaches to identify and resolve strategic problems;
  8. Techniques and resources available to research companies, industries, and best practices.

Program Faculty

Brad Griffin, MBA
TJ Majors 200
Lisa Parriot, MSOM
TJ Majors 305

Core Classes:

BUS 214 Introduction to Business Quantitative Methods
BUS 231 Principles of Financial Accounting
BUS 232 Principles of Managerial Accounting
BUS 251 Legal Environment and Contract Law
BUS 328 Principles of Marketing
BUS 335 Production/Operations Management
BUS 339 Business Finance
BUS 373 Organizational Behavior
BUS 480 International Business
BUS 495 Business Policy
CMIS 300 Information Systems Management

Requirements for CMIS Option:

BUS 342 Accounting Information Systems Analysis and Design
BUS 390 Project Management
CMIS 210 Essentials of Computer Programming
CMIS 310 Network Administration & Implementation
CMIS 360 Cyber Security
CMIS 410 Web Page Development and Programming
CMIS 420 Database Development and Programming
CMIS 495 Systems Project Development and Management

General Studies Requirements:

CMIS 101 Information Systems Concepts and Applications
BUS 201 Organizational Communications
ECON 221 Principles of Microeconomics
ECON 222 Principles of Macroeconomics
MATH 112 College Algebra
STAT 210 Statistics


Computer Systems Analyst
Management Information Systems Directors
Computer Support Specialist
Computer Software Engineers
Computer Programmer
Computer Systems Security Analyst
Info. Systems Manager

Professional Organizations:

International Association for Computer Information Systems (IACIS)
American Society for Information Science and Technology
Association for Information Systems
Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility
Information Systems Security Association
INFORMS-Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences
International Association for Computer Information Systems