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Ronicka Schottel, M.S.C.J., M.P.A.
Ronicha Schottel

Contact Information:

Office: T.J. Majors Hall, room 317

Office Phone: (402) 872-2308




Summer 2015 Ccourse Offering:

CJUS 385 049X Victimology (summer online 8 weeks)


Fall 2015 Course Offerings:

CJUS 308 049X Community-Based Corrections (online term 1)

CJUS 330 000A Research Methods (campus-semester)

CJUS 385 000A Victimilogy (campus-semester)

SOC 201 000B Principles of Sociology (campus-semester)



Ronicka Schottel is an Instructor at Peru State College in the Professional Studies Department. Prior to coming to Peru, she was an Adult Probation Officer for Lancaster County in Lincoln, Nebraska. Ronicka received her B.S. from Kansas State University and went on to complete her M.P.A.. She then traveled to Nebraska and received her M.S. in Criminal Justice and Counseling. Currently, Ronicka is working towards her Ph.D. in Behavioral Health and towards getting fully licensed as a drug and alcohol counselor in the State of Nebraska.


Ronicka's teaching interests include courses in Criminal Justice, Sociology, and Social Work. She has developed OER courses and utilized the flipped classroom in her Community Based Corrections, Victimology, and Research Method's classes. She believes in using case studies and real life experiences mixed with evidenced based practices to teach students about the criminal justice field.


Ronicka has a passion for not only teaching students but educating all individuals. Since she has been at Peru State College, she has traveled to Africa and volunteered for over a month in testing and educating individuals on HIV and other communicable diseases. She is also involved in many organizations and services such as: The Nebraska Aids Project, The Nebraska Foster Care System, The Northeast Family Center, Fresh Start Transitional Home, Omni Behavioral Health, and First Step Recovery.